December Literacy Centers for kindergarten, first, and second grades

1st Grade:


2nd Grade:

1st/2nd COMBO is also available since there is a little overlap between the two. Click on the pictures to get there:



I'm working on a gingerbread pack right now. So excited about it! Does gingerbread work for those of you who can't do Christmas? If it does work, I'll make it a menu style too so you could use it in place of these. 

If you bought the 1st or 2nd last year, make sure you go in and download it again. I've added to it since. You won't want to miss the additions


  1. Oh- I just love your products. I thought for sure I already owned these, but I don't!! I teach first grade! Crickett

  2. I just saw your Facebook post about a chance to win one of the literacy centers. I would love the 2nd grade set, it looks perfect for my classroom! By the way, I love the kid clipart on the front of your covers for these products! Where did you purchase them from?
    Mrs. Olson’s Lucky Little Learners

  3. I saw this on FB, and I'd love to have the 1st grade set! I'm staying away from the stores today, but I'm shopping online :)


  4. I would love to have the Kinder set. I am waiting for Cyber Monday to do most of my shopping.

  5. I would love to win the second grade set...which I don't *think* I have yet. :-) You put so much into each of your packets...have loved everything you've created!

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  6. These sets are so wonderful! My firsties would love to do the centers that you have created. And I am excited to see your Gingerbread set.


  7. I'm in love with the Kindergarten set, would love to have one!!!!. Awesome product -

  8. Adorable!! My first graders would love these.

  9. I LOVE your monthly sets. My first graders love these...would love to get December! I also can't wait to see the gingerbread unit.

  10. What great sets! Would love to win the first grade set!

    Firstie Kidoodles

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