December Literacy Centers for kindergarten, first, and second grades

1st Grade:


2nd Grade:

1st/2nd COMBO is also available since there is a little overlap between the two. Click on the pictures to get there:



I'm working on a gingerbread pack right now. So excited about it! Does gingerbread work for those of you who can't do Christmas? If it does work, I'll make it a menu style too so you could use it in place of these. 

If you bought the 1st or 2nd last year, make sure you go in and download it again. I've added to it since. You won't want to miss the additions

December Christmas Calendar for parents freebie

This post is not so school related. My son Shawn is 4 1/2 and he LOOOVES calendars, puzzles, and numbers. He's in pre-k this year and just loves calendar time. He always wants to know the day, the date, the season, all of it! He's always been mathematically/spacially-inclined. First it was puzzles, then wanting to memorize every state, counting everything in sight, and now it's the calendar. He also is like his mama and loves Christmas. More accurately, he loves the entire Christmas season. He's been talking about Christmas stuff since the day after Halloween. He wanted me to make a list of all the things that we get to do during Christmas (the usual: we always ride on the Polar Express, make a gingerbread house, make some gifts, go see some lights, etc). After that, I thought I'd put these two things he loves together and make a calendar of our fun Christmas season. I made it yesterday for him. I printed, laminated, added some velcro, and vuala! 

Umm, can you say obsessed?! I thought we'd just put on a few events, then add them as we were looking for things to do. Use is as a regular calendar, you know? Nope! He was all about arranging them, then rearranging them, over and over. This is what I love about this kid! Adorable. He was so serious about it too. Ha! 

And then again this morning- first thing he wanted to do!

I thought I'd share it with you, in case you have some little calendar-lovin' kids in your house. Or maybe you want to give them a little calendar practice. This is actually two pages. I printed, laminated, then cut it and glued it to make a big calendar. Then I laminated and cut the little picture cards of events. The one I made for Shawn is geared toward stuff in Portland, so I made one that was a little more general for you all. If you are a parent looking for things to do during this fun season, you should definitely download this freebie.

I put little velcro on the calendar days and on the back of each little card. Then you can move things around. 

If you'd like this, you can get it by clicking on the picture below:

Hope you enjoy this as much as we do! 

Practicing phonics and sight words Thanksgiving style

I know this is coming a little late this year, but better late than never, right? This week and next, I'll be doing these activities in my classroom. There are 9 different word work activities with the Thanksgiving theme. This pack is for 1st and 2nd grade students. Most of the activities have both long and short vowel variations. That way, all of your students will have something that's just right for them. I can never get enough word work for my kiddos!

Consonant blends with short vowels:


Silent e or no silent e:


This center has vowel pairs AND short vowels as the fillers:


Short vowel turkeys AND long vowel turkey option

The cover has long vowels, but I also included short vowels. Several cards for each!

I also included pies with picture clues to help match.


There are a lot of variations for this one:
1 and 2 syllables (two options: easier for first grade and harder for second-shown)
3 and 4 syllables 




Short and long vowel options:



 If you are looking for "ready to go" Thanksgiving activities, check out my other Thanksgiving pack.

I'll give away a copy of this tomorrow after I get home from school. If you'd like a chance to win, leave your email here and/or on my Facebook page. I'll choose a winner from each!