Trick or Freebies Part 1

Halloween is just around the corner. We all know how crazy fun the entire week can be, right? It's like the kids sense the sugar coming a few days early. I say, embrace it! Don't fight that Halloween craziness. Instead, integrate it into whatever you're doing. I made a few activities to use with my reading groups that I wanted to share with you all. This is part one of two posts. Over at Classy-Collaboration, we're having a Trick or Freebie week. Every day there will be a post (or two) with some free goodies. Us teachers need some treats too! My first little goodie is a sight word or letter race. In this download, there are three sight word ghost races, one letter ghost race and a blank ghost race for you to put in whatever words or letters you're focusing on in your class. Use a paper clip and a pencil for the spinner. You could copy these two sided and use them for morning work or during center time. Channel that crazy Halloween energy for good! :)


Click on the pictures to download your treats!

Make sure you check out A Classy Collaboration for more treats! Check back with me tomorrow for another freebie!

If you're looking for more hands-on Halloween goodies, you can find 8 activities here:

For ready-to-go Halloween literacy:


  1. These are so cute!! Saving them for my future classroom (hopefully it will come to me soon!). Thanks so much!

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  3. Thanks for the freebies, Sarah. I don't even care that halloween so over. I'll still use them:)