Ready to Go Fall Literacy Pack

It's done! Hooray! I made this  cover when this adorable clip art came out and started this pack.  Flashforward way too many weeks later and here we are. This pack is similar to the other "ready to go" packs I've made (Spring, Easter, Thanksgiving, Snowy, Christmas, Back to School, Sunny). There are reading passages with great comprehension questions and graphic organizers, writing prompts with rubrics and planning pages, and several skill building pages (phonics, sentences, word endings, long and short vowels, using quotation marks, syllables, etc.) Every page has the common core standards included. 

Reading Passages:

19 reading passages with comprehension questions and graphic organizers:
Main idea and details
Story elements (characters, setting, problem)
Author’s purpose
Central message
Character analysis
Making comparisons
Character’s feelings
Identifying important information

I tried to include at least two levels of difficulty for each reading passage. At this point in the year, there is a pretty big gap in abilities in first grade. Some of the stories are very basic with short sentences, while others are more challenging. All of them have a comprehension piece, no matter how basic the words in the passage may be.  And they are all common core-aligned!

Skill Pages:

Skill pages:
~Read, Think, Match
~3 Color the real words (real/nonsense)
~A Bushel of Words: Segmenting (sounding out CVC words)
~Word Endings (adding -ed or -ing)
~2 Sentence sorts (complete or incomplete)
~Adding punctuation
~Match a Sentence (subject predicate)
~Using quotes
~Wheeling out vowels (identifying vowel sound)
~Spin a word
~Syllable sort
~Writing sentences (4 different pages)
~Long vs. Short vowels

Writing Prompts, rubrics and planning pages:
16 writing prompts with rubrics and planning pages:
Including narrative, opinion, and informative writing

I'm sorry I didn't do a better preview for the writing pages. It takes so long and this pack is 140 pages! I hope you can get a good peek at the writing pages from this messy picture. :)

You can get this here:


  1. OMG! I WANT THIS SOOOOOO BADLY! WOWZA! wendy 1stgradefireworks

  2. Wow! This pack is huge AND awesome! My favorite thing to do in the Fall is to go for walks and look at the leaves changing (and take punctures of course). I also love to make pumpkin chocolate chip cookies! Yum! :-)


  3. One word...AMAZING! This packet hits all the point I will be covering in the next two months. I love the reading and comprehension section. This would be a great way to start off Fall.


  4. These are absolutely my all time favorite packs .....EVER! So excited for a new one! I love the cool weather and just being outside in the fall! I also love the fun fall crafts to make with my class! Thanks!

  5. Great pack! We love to go to the pumpkin farm during fall!

  6. I would love to win! This would help me address a variety of learning needs. I love visiting the local Farmer's Market in the fall.

  7. Would love to win this! My favorite thing about fall is the nice cool weather:)

  8. Once again, amazing!!!! My favorite thing to do in the fall is just to be outside and hear and smell the sounds of fall. I love to hear the leaves rustle and crunch. Crickett

  9. Fall - taking walks with my class at the park next to our school. Beautiful.
    Your unit looks so helpful.

  10. I would love to win this huge package of goodies! My favorite thing to do in the fall is sample all the things that bring back childhood memories of fall in NY. (I live in FL now) Tasting apple cider, getting to taste a Mac apple, seeing little trick or treaters, falling, colorful leaves, sweatshirt weather, etc.

  11. I just love everything you create! My favorite thing to do in the fall is look for chestnuts...sounds odd, but we used to love to play with them when I was growing up. So I love to bring a couple inside nowadays to look at and remember my childhood fondly.

    tokyoshoes at hotmail dot com

  12. Sarah, this pack looks so amazing! I love the fall season but we don't get much of it here in the south. On the off chance that the weather gets a tad cooler, I love to sit outside, by the pool, with a book, and enjoy the cool breeze. Then, in a matter of seconds, it's over. LOL!
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

  13. This pack would be great to use with the students I work with in the Reading Room. I love to go for drives through the country in the fall to see the beautiful colors. I just wish the leaves stuck around a little longer because they are so beautiful! Gotta love fall!

  14. I love the cooler weather in fall.

  15. I LOVE driving around and looking at the beautiful Fall Foliage - one of the perks of being a New Englander!

    I love your fall packet - would love to win one for my kiddos :)

    Mindful Rambles

  16. My favorite thing to do in the fall is enjoy the cooler temperatures and watch the world change colors :o)


  17. I love the cooler weather & sitting around a warm campfire. :-)

  18. my favorite thing to do in the fall is go to Carolina football games or watch ANY SEC football game!

  19. I love making smore's with my kids. Fall is my favorite season! This pack looks AMAZING!

  20. This looks great! I have your literacy menus and love the new updates! Will you be doing a winter version as well? BTW...I love going for walks in the fall.

  21. My favorite thing to do in the fall is to watch football with family and friends.

  22. This looks SO awesome. I am envious of your talent. My favorite thing to do is to slip into a pair of comfy jeans and sweatshirt and be out and breathing crisp air. (I live in Florida, so you have no idea how wonderful this feel when it actually happens!)

  23. My favorite part of the fall is football.

  24. I love pumpkins! We would love to win your fall pack! You materials are wonderful! :)

  25. I LOVE everything pumpkin flavored. Muffins, coffee, breads, pies, I want it all! I would love to win this pack! I am new to trying themes and making learning more fun for my students. This would help me start that process.


  26. This would be a wonderful resource to use with my first graders! My favorite thing about fall is seeing all of the leaves turning colors. The trees are so beautiful this time of year! I just wish I didn't have to rake them all up from my yard once they fall down. :-(


  27. My favorite thing to do in the fall is taking my kids(my own kids and my 1st graders :)) to the pumpkin patch. It is so fun to watch them get so excited about the wonderful colors of the leaves and they excitement of picking out their own pumpkin.

    Thanks for all of the wonderful items you make for us!

  28. I love, love, love every thing about Fall!!! Sweaters, boots, scarves and no jacket. :) Pumpkin farm fun, Halloween...driving...LOVE

    You are amazing, Miss Sarah!
    Hugs - Lisa
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  29. What an awesome product! My favorite thing to do in the fall is go to the pumpkin patch with my sweet firsties! We are going tomorrow, in fact, and it's going to be a perfect 70 degrees.

  30. I've FALL-en in love with this literacy pack!! My favorite thing to do in Fall is rake leaves and play in the piles :)