Common Core Math Rubrics for First Grade

Alright you rubric lovers, I've got some goodies for you! You all know how much I adore using rubrics for writing. It's totally changed my ability to accurately and comprehensively score student writing. I decided to try out a math rubric last year for addition. In math, some of the best learning is done without a worksheet.  I love to use more authentic methods during math (but don't get me wrong, I also do plenty of worksheets). I was struggling with how to include these observations of student learning into my grading system. That one rubric I made totally helped me assess my students more thoroughly with addition! It also became a good guide for me. It sort of kept me on track while working with students. So I made another and then another. My rubrics listed the criteria (or skills/abilities that students should be demonstrating). Good assessment takes time, but I feel like these rubrics are a great tool for any math teacher. 

So here they are:

These are all carefully aligned to the first grade common core standards. I made several options for each strand, some more detailed than others.  

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In case you missed it the first time, here's that addition rubric freebie

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