You gotta love those Early Finishers ;)

Today I thought I'd do a little post about those early finishers. This has got to be one of the hardest things to manage in first grade. Some kids zip right through assignments, while others need extra time. The ability levels in first grade vary SO much! While you are setting up those routines and procedures during those first few weeks, maybe these can come in handy. I made these during my first year teaching first grade. Well not these exactly with the cute borders and background. I used different clip art (that I'm either not able to share or that is not as cute as what we have available now), but the concept is the same. They are Early Finisher visual cards.

I also included blank templates so you could add your own!


 Here are two ways to display these: 
1. I had a little bulletin board with about 8 of these cards hanging from short, colorful string. I started by using tacks but those fall out easily, so I switched to little screwable hooks. 
2. Put magnetic dots on both sides of the posters. One side will show the pictures and the other will be blank. Place them on a magnetic white board and you can flip back and forth. 

How to use these:
I would start out by having the cards facing the wall (blank side up). When students started an assignment, I flipped over only some of the cards. I would flip over only the cards that showed the class what they could do if they finish early. For example, I might flip over only two (read a book or write) if I don't want a lot of commotion. If I knew it might be a longer assignment (for some kids), I might choose several of them to flip over. 

Using these visuals the kids know exactly what to do when they finish early. They learn to look up at the board to see what their options are. It's SO nice! Sometimes I only use these for the first part of the year and then as the year goes on I faze them out (depending on the class) and they only read or white when they finish early. What do you do with your early finishers? I'm always up for ideas! 

Happy weekend everyone!


  1. What a great idea! I was just discussing this with my new second grade teacher today. I'm sending her you way. Thanks so much. Mrs. Brown Loves Bookworms

  2. I always have my kids read or play a game that they've already learned {educational}. I keep them games out in a basket. Thanks for the free sings!!

    Mrs. Wheeler’s First Grade
    Mrs. Wheeler TpT

  3. Excellent idea...thanks for sharing!!

  4. thank you for sharing. These will really come in handy this year!
    Teachin' First

  5. I really like your cards, but can't seem to find them to print them this year. Where are they?

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