Tour my Classroom... sort of

One of my favorite parts of August in the blogging world is peeking into everyone's classrooms. I am always in awe. 

I don't even go back into my classroom for a couple weeks. So clearly, I don't have any pictures of my classroom for this year. :( I searched my camera and found a few from last year. Why in the world did I not take more pictures?! I loved my classroom last year! It was so bright and fun. I was so sad to not find a picture of my classroom library. That's my favorite part. I also don't have a picture of my guided reading area. So sad. So... here's a half tour of my room. Remember, my classroom is pretty small. It's also had many birthdays. FYI: These pictures are random and taken throughout the  year. Is that breaking the rules?  I just really wanted to participate in this linky. :)

Here is my little reading corner. I have my CAFE menu, centers, word work stuff, morning message area, and general meeting area.

Here's a close up of my center area. My centers are all on the top in the folders. I post a copy of the student menu above the folders (but they all have their own copy).  I also have word work activities to use during daily 5 and for early finishers.

Here's my calendar area. I love pink. Can you tell?

This is a shot of the front of my room. Oh man that white board is looking pretty dirty. How embarrassing! I need to get some of that smelly white board cleaner stuff. At the front of the room I have my calendar and white board (with my schedule). I wish I had a whole special area for  my calendar and math stuff. Again, not the biggest classroom around. :)

I have this number corner on my magnetic white board. It's not really a corner. I wish! We all squeeze in close.  :)

Here is my coat closet. I covered these brown pillars with yellow paper to add a splash of color. The class jobs are all on the pillars. I have to get creative with my space. The jobs are glued onto library pockets with notecards (with one student name) in each. 

I'll post more about my jobs in a post coming soon. :)

That concludes my very minimal classroom tour. I will do better this year I promise! Stay tuned for my 2013 classroom tour at the end of August. 


  1. I love pink too. I really like how you covered the wood with the yellow, looks great.


  2. Love your coat closet. It looks like you've really made good use of the space. I'm in a modular so space is super important for me, too. I'm not in my room yet but I'm looking forward to posting pictures of my room!
    Mrs. James’ Jungle

  3. Hi Sarah! I love what you've done with the jobs chart. That is something I really need to stick with this year. In my class we were all responsible for our own table areas, and we began the year having an "inspector" at the end of the day, but for some reason I wasn't very good at being diligent about that. I really need to, because often it was the same group of precious kids getting out the broom all the time.
    I might just try out your idea!
    I also really like the large coins above your calendar area. Would you believe they took money and time out of our grade 1 curriculum a few years ago? I still work on it anyway, and I like the idea of having those coins there to see every day.
    I'm enjoying the things over at Classy Collaboration! Let me know if I can do anything to support you guys. :-)

  4. I love your calendar area. It pops in the picture.

    Oodles of Teaching Fun

  5. Love it! Thanks for giving us a tour of your classroom!

    Primary Inspired

  6. Looks great! I love all your colors that you are using....very colorful! Thanks for sharing!
    Teaching Little Miracles

  7. I like the colors of your calendar area. So bright & cheery! I'm your newest follower. Please hop over to my blog to see pictures of my classroom.