Read, Visualize, Draw Flash Sale

For a while, I've been slowly updating my Read, Visualize, Draw pack. It's like my Read & Sequence and Read, Think Match Pack  in that it is a combination of all of Read, Visualize, Draw pages from various other packs (like my monthly centers and seasonal packs). If you already own those, you won't need this. But if you don't own those, this is the perfect pack for you!

I added a few pages, but mostly I just worked on differentiating it a bit more. I added more "levels" to each page to meet the needs of a more diverse group.
Here's a picture to give you a better idea:

Here are some student samples:

Here are the Read, Visualize, Draw themes:
  • Apples: 4 levels
  • Fall #1:  3 levels
  • Fall #2: 3 levels
  • Christmas tree: 3 levels
  • Gift: 3 levels
  • snowy scene: 2 levels
  • Snowman: 3 levels
  • Valentine Gift: 2 levels
  • Valentine Cupcakes: 2 levels
  • St. Patrick's Day: 2 levels
  • Rainbow: 2 levels 
  • Easter Bunny: 2 levels
  • Eggs: 3 levels
  • At the pond: 4 levels
  • Rainforest: 2 levels
  • Going on a bug hunt: 1 level
  • Under the sea: 2 levels
  • On the Farm: 3 levels (add easy)
  • Bear: 2 levels
  • Rainy Day: 2 levels
  • Bike Ride: 1 level
  • Birthday cake: 2 levels
  • Tooth fairy: 2 levels
  • My house: 3 levels

There are 24 total, most with varying levels. The pack itself is 66 pages.

You can get these at either of my shops:

It's on sale for only $2 right now!!

If you already own it, make sure you download it again to get the additional pages. 


  1. These look great. Are the various levels also available with the center packs?

  2. Sarah,
    I love your new clipart!
    Can't wait to update my unit!
    This is another favorite!