Read and Sequence (unit makeover and a lemonade freebie)

I have been meaning to update my Read and Sequence pack for a while now. 

This pack is a combination of all of my Read and Sequence pages from various other packs (literacy menus, holiday packs, seasonal packs, fairy tale pack, etc.) So if you own those packs, you don't have much use for this. Otherwise, you should definitely check this out. :) It's packed! I also updated this by adding some new clip art to some of the pages that needed it.  If you already own this unit, make sure you download it again to get the updated pack. 

Here's what's included:
~Getting Ready for School
~Apple picking (two levels)
~How to Go Trick or Treating (2 levels)
~Pumpkin to Pumpkin pie (2 levels)
~Apples to Applesauce (2 levels)
~Seed to Pumpkin (2 levels)
~Raking leaves
~The 1st Thanksgiving (2 levels)
~How to wrap a gift
~Decorating a Christmas tree (2 levels)
~Making Gingerbread cookies
~Polar Express
~Santa's Visit
~building a snow fort
~Making hot cocoa
~How to build a snowman
~Making cupcakes
~How to send a valentine
~How to brush your teeth
~Planting flowers
~Catching a Leprechaun
~Egg Hunt
~Decorating Easter Eggs
~Playing in the rain
~A Bee's Day
~Butterfly's Life Cycle (2)
~Frog's Life Cycle (2)
~A trip to the park
~Making an ice cream sundae
~Fun in the Sun
~How to make lemonade (two levels)
~Making Hot dogs
~A Day at camp (two levels)
~The MItten
~The Hat
~Goldilocks and the Three Bears
~Jack and the Beanstalk
~The 3 little pigs
~Little Red Riding Hood

You can pick this up for $3.50 at my stores: 


Now for your freebie from the pack!

Since Krista Wallden made this adorable lemonade stand clip art, I just had to use it! 
Click on the picture to get your freebie. 

This picture does not do the clip art justice. Check out her clip art here.

If you're wondering why I'm in the mood to share this particular Read and Sequence sheet...
this should answer that question. :) 


  1. Sarah what a cutie pie!!!! Thanks for sharing!!


    Btw I'm already lovin' ya on bloglovin'

  2. Sequencing - just what I am looking for! And thanks for the freebie.
    That lemonade stand and its proprietor are just so darn cute!!

  3. That is such a sweet picture! I love your lemonade freebie! Thank you for sharing!


  4. Your freebie will be a cute and practical independent assignment at the beginning of my third graders' year. I think it will give me some valuable info and be fun too. Maybe we'll even have lemonade! Thanks so much!

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