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You gotta love summertime, right? In July, it's hard to think about school because I really just want to be enjoying my summer. I should be turning it off. I should NOT be in school mode. Ha! Aren't we always a little bit thinking about school? This summer I promised myself I would not think about school during the month of July. We got back late August, so it's not too much to ask to just have July, right? Since I can't completely turn it off, I compromise with myself. I don't plan for my upcoming year specifically. Instead I'm finishing up units and packs that  I've started and not finished. Seriously, there are about 10 things that fall in this category. Really! I have so many unfinished units or packs that I've been meaning to get done and post. I need summertime just to catch up! While looking through my "partially done/ need to post/ random idea folder, I came across this group. Over the years, I've used all sorts of behavior charts. Try this, try that. Whatever works? I added some frames and clip art to these little charts and thought I'd share them with you today. 

This chart is for those sweeties that just need a little extra motivation or attention to stay on track. I've listed specific skills they need to work on. Each day, they color in one of two or no smiley faces. Discuss with the parents what one smiley means and what two smiley means AND what the reward or consequence is for each. You all know, it totally depends on the student and the situation. I left that part out so that you could determine what was best for your particular student. Two smileys might mean, "Needed few or  no  reminders". One might mean, "Needed several reminders".  

I had a student, who I adored, that LOVED bears. I made him a chart like this: 

He was such a great kid who just needed a little boost to complete his work. 

Here's a chat chart for those talkers :) I made a soccer ball page (not pictures) and this basketball chart. Two years ago, I had a student who loved soccer and she chose to have soccer balls on her sheet. For whatever reason, coloring in those soccer balls meant a lot to her. The chatting died down. Before giving the sheet, we discussed how she would get one or soccer balls. For example, she would need to talk at appropriate times (not whisper talking to her neighbor while I was teaching), raise her hand to speak (instead of blurting out), and stay on task to finish assignments (instead of socializing). 

Here's another using apples. It's a more general "work chart". 

There are a few more included in this download. 

You can download this sheet  (below)  there. 

UPDATE (10/25/16)
I recently made a new behavior sheet for a student. 
Clip art from Whimsy Clips

Click HERE to download this for FREE.

I also have an editable version. Click HERE for that. 


  1. Thanks Sarah! As always you are helping me provide for those students who need extra attention or motivation when it comes to their behavior. Computer time is always a favorite of those students who need extra motivation. I will save these in my teacher binder. :)
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  2. Thank you so much for sharing Sarah. I am following A Class y Collaboration on bloglovin!


  3. It was also mentioned in some earlier instance and students will be having good time after examination of such piece evident thoughts, so, there is also need to move along some possible factors.

  4. How can I download these great behavior charts?

  5. Thank you for sharing these wonderful charts. I love how you gave so many options! Much needed!