Common Core Aligned Sunny Literacy

At the end of the school year, I started to make a summer literacy packet. But... I never finished it. I came close, but I just couldn't finish it up in time. I was going to just leave it for next year but then I realized they could work for the beginning of second grade too. They are perfect for morning work, skill review,  homework, writing assignments, and even intervention time or guided reading. I had the common core standards for first grade on each page. I went back and looked at the common core standards for second grade. Most pages aligned. For the pages that didn't align, I made some other pages in their place. I split up this packet into two sections. The first section has the pages with the common core standards for first grade on them. The second section has the 2nd grade common core standards on them. The pages are mostly the same, except a few that only fit for each grade level. There is a lot of overlap with the standards and the beginning of the year tends to be a lot of review anyway. 

 Let me be clear: this is in no way meant to be your instruction for the first few weeks of second grade. It is simply another supplement.  In no way do I think worksheets are the key to student success. However, I do find times when they are appropriate. It's not meant to be the instruction, just another way to practice what was learned. 
And if you're a first grade teacher, this is perfect for the end of the year!



Coming VERY soon:
Back to school literacy mini-pack for first grade!