Oregon Bloggers Unite!

Doesn't my blog post heading sound like we're uniting to do something really important or  influential? Actually we just met to chat and laugh and have a good time. :) I am such fans of these lovely ladies. We had so much fun, but unfortunately for me, I had to leave early. Party pooper! I was technically still on the clock. It was our teacher work day, so I just took my lunch three hours early. It was so worth it! I seriously could've stayed all day.

These gals are all so sweet and friendly. I was so nervous that no one would know who I was, but leave it to Nicole and Tanja who know everyone! They are amazing. I'm convinced they know every blogger by name, face and blog. I only know most people by blog but I'm working on changing that. :) Thank you for a great morning Oregon bloggers!


  1. Where do you teach? I am in Portland too. Switching next year from kinder to first.

  2. I had a BLAST chatting and getting to know you, Sarah! Next time, you'll have to come to Hawaii :)

    Teaching With Style

  3. Sarah,
    I am so happy you had such a wonderful blogger meet up!
    Now it's our turn to find a way to get together!!

  4. It was so fun and I can't wait until we meet again!

    And I don't know about knowing faces hahaha.

    Journey Of A Substitute Teacher

  5. Ha! They did know everyone's name...and which blog they belonged with! I still have to work at the few I know!

    Chickadee Jubilee