Force and Motion Mini-Unit ... Finally!

Look what I FINALLY finished!  

Remember a few months ago when I posted  about some force/motion activities I was doing with my class? I got a  few emails asking if  I was planning on selling any of the worksheets I made. I had a bunch made already but not  quite enough to be a whole unit. I added a few things to make this mini-unit. I say mini because it's not really a full unit. It's a great mini-unit for sure, but not quite a unit unit. It's definitely a chunk of a unit though. ;) 

Here's what is included:

If you are interested, you can get this unit here:


Here's a little freebie for everyone:

I am busting my little buns to finish my kindergarten centers. I am more or less done with April and September. I'm having some bloggy friends look over them for me first. They will be here SO soon! 


  1. I barely have any resources on Force and Motion! This will be perfect for next year! TPT, here I come! It looks amazing, but I am not at all surprised! You always give me the WOW factor with your products Sarah! Kuddos on getting it done!

  2. Wow! That looks like way more than a mini unit. Very impressive.

    Grade ONEderful
    Ruby Slippers Blog Designs

  3. This force and motion pack was a perfect resource for my 2nd grade class. My school does not provide any science curriculum but this went perfectly with the Georgia Performance Standards for Science

  4. I'm excited to do this with my first graders, thank you!!

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