Opinion Writing

We did some spring opinion writing this week. They had to write their opinion about if spring was the best season or not. 

First, we did our planning sheets:

They had to decide if they agreed that spring was the best season or if they thought spring wasn't the best season. They had to think of three reasons why.

Next, I modeled how to put the ideas from the planning sheet into writing.
I kept it simple because I was modeling the format with this particular situation. I wanted them to focus on how I set up my paper. I used different colors to really show how it was separated. We're not quite into paragraphs yet in first grade, so the colors help. :) 

I tried to show them how to add a little detail to go with each reason. For example, you might  like spring because it gets warmer.  Then I wanted to explain to my reader why I liked the warmer weather or what I might do in this warmer weather. Not all firsties are ready for this, but it doesn't hurt to try!

Next, they were ready to write their own papers. I put my example away because I didn't want anyone tempted to use my words or ideas (instead of their own planning sheets). THey turned out pretty good!
This one talks about not liking spring because "bees mostly like to hang around me."

The one on the left talks about spring not being the best season. One of his reasons is because he thinks winter is. The one on the right does think spring is the best season and gave some good reasons with adorable illustrations. 

The one on the left writes about birds singing, which is adorable!  The one on the right cracks. me. up. She doesn't like spring because she gets bloody noses. Also, her sister just wants to buy new clothes in the spring. Hilarious! I LOVE this  because it is so genuine and original. 

This one talks about liking spring because she likes the pretty pink flowers that fall, but she doesn't like the leaves that "fall on her head" in the fall. Love it!  

The last step is the rubric that I fill out. I copied it to the back of their planning pages. 

This  opinion page, along with the planning page and rubric are all part of my spring literacy pack. Here are a couple other activities from the pack:

At the Pond reading passage with comprehension questions and cause/effect activity. 

Spring syllables and (one of  the many) Read, Think, Match worksheets.


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