Kindergarten Literacy Centers

Calling all kindergarten teachers! I've had so many requests to make kindergarten centers, so I gave it a shot. I have a friend using them and she loves them (unless she's just being nice-LOL). Before I post them, I wanted to ask you all! Below is a preview of what they look like. Take a look kinder teachers! I can tweak anything to fit  your classrooms better if you need. I looked at the standards closely and thought back to my days teaching reading for those kinders. I also thought May kinders are about where my first graders are at the beginning of the year.

Next year I'll working more closely with kindergarten since I will be changing my job. That's right folks! You'll now be getting more "snippets" about reading for k-3. I'll be teaching reading to the k-3 students in my school who need a little extra TLC. I'm  SOOO excited. The best part is I get to have more time with my own little boys at home. This will be part time! I get to be a mommy and a teacher. When I'm working full time, it feels like my students get all of my patience attention and then there isn't much left when I get home. My youngest is 1 1/2 and I realized that he will be ready for school before I know it. I need to treasure these years!

Anyway...on to the kinder centers . Critiques are welcome!

It looks a lot like my first grade centers, but much more basic. I can also make a menu with only 3 rows so it's not as overwhelming. What do you think?

Read and Sequence has few words and lots of pictures!

Read, Visualize, Draw is very basic with more picture clues.

There are 2 choices for Read, THink, Match and each of those has two levels. One level using only a few sight words and then the word that would match the picture. The other level has a second sentence or a longer first sentence. 

Rebuild a poem has sight words, picture clues and sound out words. I made sentence strips to help.

Spring Blends: Look at the picture on the bee and sort based on the beginning blend. The worksheet asks them only to write the blend, not the word. 

Is it e?: This center has picture cards with the vowel missing. They need to decide if the vowel is e or not. You can choose how many picture cards are appropriate for your class.   I made 9 with e and 9 without.

Sunshine Words: Match the sunshine parts to make a word. I made a bunch so you could choose. Using all of them would be overwhelming, but you could just choose three endings (like -at, -an, -ap) and then more beginnings. 

Real or not: students sound out the words on the frogs and decide if they are real or not. 

Word Race: Roll the sight word cube. Write the word (or color it in, depending on which sheet you choose). The word that fills up the boxes first wins. Students can keep rolling until their boards are full. 

Sticker Story

BE an Author: I made two versions of this. Both have the same pictures, but one has the words "I like to..." and the student will fill in the rest. The other has no words.

Spin and Write: Spin the spinner on the picture board. Write a sentence (or words) about that picture. 

Match a Sentence: Read first part of sentence and match it to the ending. I tried to use very basic sight words and sound out words only. PIcture clues will also help.

Flip a sentence: Make a flip book. Students will mix and match to make sentences. I used sight words, picture clues, and sound out words.

Sentence Scrambler: 4 basic sentences 

Build a sentence (only three words in the sentence/ with picture clues)

WOuld love to give one away for free too!



  1. This looks great! I would love to win it or even proof it.

  2. Hi Sarah, this looks great. I will definitely consider ifim teaching K next year. I'd love a freebie!


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  4. I wanted to add that I was a kinder teacher and am a first grade teacher now. This is about where they should start in first. I would definitely love the freebie Rosy

  5. This looks great. It would be good to start in first grade to review kindergarten skills.I would
    love a freebie.

  6. Your centers look amazing! What a fantastic job!
    Thank you for giving us all a chance to enter to get one for free

  7. Your centers are good.. I love the match the sentence and sentence scrambler. I have lots of center on reading words but not a lot with reading a sentence and write or match.. I would love to get one.
    Jenny Wu

  8. I love your 1st grade ones and your Kinder ones look good too! I would start out with the 3 rows at the beginning of the year and then add the 4th row maybe in January, so it is not too much for them and they could get used to the routine.

  9. I love your first grade centers and I have been using them this year although since I teach k/1 I'm really excited to see kindergarten one. Where do you get your images from I love them!

  10. These centers look great! I think my kinders would love the different options, especially the poem activity. I agree with the comment to have 3 rows until after the first semester. We spend a lot of time learning how to do our centers.
    I would love to win a set:

  11. Yay! I am happy to be able to add another center to my collection. This would be an awesome center to use for the lower kinders coming in. I have the first grade ones for the one level and the second grade for the above level kids. At our grade level meeting on Friday I couldn't speak enough about your centers to the two new incoming teachers and one who was moving (but taking the idea with her). Thanks for your hard work. It is much appreciated!

  12. Hello, I just discovered your blog. This picture menu looks great. I teach kinder right now & I am trying to incorporate more choice and differentiation. I look forward to checking out more of your ideas. Thanks!

  13. These look great, Sarah! You've thought of everything! :) I'm sure there will be some very happy kindergarten teachers next year! :)

    Sugar and Spice

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