Common Core Spring Reading, Writing and More

I've had so much success in my class with my other ready to go common core packs and I've had some requests for a spring version, so I went for it! I had so many things that I wanted to include. These last couple months of the year tend to be pretty long. I know we all have different schedules. Some of you are out in May for good. I go until mid-June, so I have quite a while until summer. I actually love this time because it's almost 12 weeks of uninterrupted time. No huge holidays, no random days off, just regular school days. Don't get me wrong, I love holidays and I appreciate those days off. But, it's nice to just have a regular schedule and be able to really focus for these last few months. I'll have plenty of time to mix in some (or all) of these activities! I'm pretty excited about this pack. Take a sneak peak below!

  • Read and Sequence: Frog, Plant, Butterfly life cycle and a Day in the life of a bee
  • Read, Visualize Draw: Around my garden
  • Read, Think, Match: baby animals, spring animals, plants, garden bear
  • 3 inference pages: short passages with questions that guide students to make inferences
  • 2 character analysis: short story with guided character analysis

16 reading passages with comprehension questions and graphic organizers (some, not all, have varying levels). These are my favorite! I try REALLY hard to make these higher order thinking-type reading passages. They cover a variety of skills. 

  • Word Endings
  • Sentence sort: complete or incomplete
  • 3 sentence writing pages (one with a verb focus): I encourage my students to write descriptive sentences with strong verbs. These are a great assessment too!
  • Glue a sentence
  • Match a sentence

5 picture prompts with spring scenes
2 short story prompts: students finish the story
3 writing prompts where students finish the story from a specific perspective

  • Spring syllables (picture help and without picture help)
  • real or nonsense words 
  • Find the nounds

  • Defining Words: students look at the picture and write their own definition of the word. Word bank is given, along with an example. I'll do this with the class. (This is a Common COre standard)
  • Spring writing prompt with rubric
  • Sequencing Writing (glue and write): hatching Chicks and Plant Cycle
  • Opinion Writing with graphic organizer
  • Narrative WRiting: Spring Break

You can get this at my TPT store


  1. I love all of your other common core packets...I am sure this one is great, also! I would love to win a copy.

  2. What a great packet! Love your other ones too!

  3. I have all your common core packets! They are amazing!!

  4. Oh my ~ this sounds like your most amazing pack ever!!!!!!! You've outdone yourself. I can't wait to begin using it with my students :)
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  5. Hoping to double my chances to are so imaginative!

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  6. Your pack looks great! I would love to win this!

  7. I love this! I look forward to seeing your previous packets also!

  8. This looks just fabulous! I want!! Starting up my Spring unit next week and it would be perfect! Will wait to see if I win, but if not, it is def. on my wish list! Great job!!

  9. You are so talented! This is amazing!

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  10. Oh my! I commented on FB without looking because I knew I would love it! Then.....I saw it ....and cannot wait to OWN it!! This looks better than awesome!!! I LOVE these packets and hope you make even more of them:)

  11. Whoa! You've been busy, Sarah. It all looks fabulous!
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  12. Sarah,
    I am going to call you...or I need to pick your brain on how you schedule time for all this creativity! I am serious. I barely can keep my head above water when I come home! You must share the secret!
    A-M-A-Z-I-N-G girl... Love it!

  13. Jay Pea, you are my lucky winner! I will be emailing you next. Thank you everyone for your sweet comments! You are all so wonderful. Your encouragement is so appreciated!