2nd Grade May Literacy Centers

Looking for Common Core-aligned literacy centers for May? Here's my 2nd grade version!

You can see the first grade version here (It's not a full preview, but it's a good peak!) 

Here's the difference between first and second:

  • Reading:
    • Read and Comprehend is a one page fiction story with comprehension questions
    • 1st grade has Read and Sequence while 2nd has Author's Purpose
    • 1st grade has Rebuild a Poem while 2nd has Story Elements
  • Word work: All the centers are the same but harder words are used 
    • Sunshine Words: different word endings
    • Syllable Sort: 2, 3, and 4 syllable for 2nd; 1, 2, 3 syllable for 1st
    • Sounds of C and How many e's : slightly bigger words
  • writing: Same centers, slightly modified
    • Sequence and Write:  More space to write for students (different  format)
    • Be an Author: open ended for 2nd; pictures for 1st
    • Book Report: extra page for 2nd
  • Sentence Building:
    • Super sentence: 2nd grade has adverbs included
    • Sentence scrambler: second grade can make sentences in two different ways
    • Word Endings: 2nd has adding -ing to words (double consonant, drop e, just add); 1st is adding different words endings with no change (est, er, ed, ing)
    • 2nd: pronoun puzzler (reflexive pronoun); 1st: roll a sentence
If you are interested, you can find these centers here:

1st Grade 

2nd Grade:
1st Grade 

I'll be posting the 1st/ 2nd COMBO pack tonight!


  1. Hi there. How do I save or print these resources? Many thanks. They look great!