Short vowel Packs

A few months back, I posted about my Short u Pack. Since then, I've made a pack for short o and short a. I've been meaning to make short i and short e to finish them off, but I've been distracted by other projects. My to-do list is just enormous! I have like 4 different projects going at the same time. Is anyone else like this? Anyway, I created these packs to use with my struggling readers who need that extra boost. I have had so much success with these! We've been into long vowels for a while now but I do have one sweetie who was recently diagnosed with dyslexia. You have all probably experience something similar where it is just plain harder for these kiddos to learn to read. They need extra time and attention. When he was ready, I introduced these packs, and I think they are really helping. There are so many fabulous short vowel packs out there with other  amazing materials  too. In my opinion, I can never have enough! Finding different ways to teach the same thing is what I need with some of my students. So here is a peek at what I've used either in small group earlier in the year or one on one with those who need it: 

Making words by matching
Choosing words to fill in the sentences. 

Word Slide

Word Wheel

Finding real words (real vs. nonsense)

Short a sentence scramblers:

Short a puzzle:

Short a reading passage with comprehension questions

One of these days I hope to finish short i and short e and maybe even long vowels!


  1. My fiancé has dyslexia and actually dropped out of high school because he had gotten no support over the years. Since then he has gotten his GED but still struggles and hates reading. I know how tough it can be.


  2. I love your short u and short o packs! I was wondering about the other vowels. Is the short a pack posted in your store? I teach in a Title 1 school and have many struggling readers. These activities have been great for them! I understand how busy life is. I feel the same way. I can't believe it's almost Easter already!!
    Thank you for all your hard work and creativity. I use and love all the literacy packs you've made!