Five for Friday...on a Saturday

I'm so excited to join this linky FINALLY! I've wanted to for ages now, but I'm always so pressed for time and never got my act together. Then other times I was worried that my "five" would be not worth posting. Enough excuses, here I am! But I'm a day late of course... I'm trying though, right?  :)

I was on spring break this past week, so it'll be a mix of personal and school-related. 

Random #1: We sold our house officially! This is so exciting! We moved a few weeks ago and the process of selling went so smoothly. We got an offer in a day and everything worked out just fine. Before it went on the market, I was. so. worried. I have to admit that I will miss my sweet little house. I had two babies in that house (not literally, but you know what I mean). We're happy as can be in our new house though. :)  

Today it is BEAUTIFUL outside. We went to take photos for the last time in front of our old house. 

Random #2: The week before spring break, we started a force and motion unit.  It's been so fun and I'm actually learning a lot! (More about that in another post to come.)

Random #3:  My son decided he wanted to read. So we started him on Annie Moffatt's Ready to Read pack. He's loving it!

Random #4: The week before break we were finishing up with our March centers. They are doing so well with those! We'll be starting on April when we get back after break. Did March fly by for anyone else? Feels like we just started those centers and now we're wrapping them up and  moving on. I am LOVING how into the sticker story this student is. He's is going to town with his story about dinosaurs!

Random #5: We finished painting our sons' "reading" nook. Love how it turned out! Nothing too fancy but such a sweet place to hang. :)

You can't tell how pretty the blue is in either of these pictures.  Great cell phone camera, isn't it:) It's a tiny little nook just right for little boys. 

It's almost time for my kids to get up from "nap time". I use quotes because Shawn doesn't actually nap these days. He has "quiet time". Ha! We're going to go enjoy the sun, have an egg hunt, and decorate our eggs. Happy Easter everyone!


  1. Sarah!
    I just read your email. You are so awesome! Thanks for the encouragement. Now look at this house! Lovely my dear! And your family is absolutely adorable! Now I can put faces with names!
    The book nook is so inviting...makes me want to run over and read! Have an amazing Easter break!

    1. Wait, that is your old house? It's so cute! Your teasing me! Where is the new house?

  2. Looking forward to hearing about your force and motion unit. I will be teaching something similar after Spring Break with my grade one class. Congratulations on your new house!

  3. Congrats on the new house and selling your other so quickly! Love the reading nook. :)

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  4. Congratulations on the house said and your new digs! That's so exciting.
    Grade ONEderful
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  5. Love your blog and your products!!! visited for Kathy's b'day but have always loved your creations! thanks! Cindy

  6. I'm here for Kathy's bday! I already followed you! Congrats on new house :) moving is no fun, well e packing and unpacking anyway!