Easter Scavenger Hunt At Home!

Last year I posted this little activity to use as a parent on Easter morning. I almost forgot to post about this! 

Here's the story of how it came about (from last year): 
As I was leaving school, one of one students said, "I bet the Easter bunny will come to our classroom on Easter and leave us clues to read and infer where to find an Easter basket." I swear, I almost laughed out loud! I am that predictable? Ha! :) They just love doing these activities! So... last night I was getting all too excited about Easter and I made a little activity for my students' parents to do at home on Easter morning with their kids.  
clipart by Kpm doodes; frames by That Girl.

Parents at my school are all very involved and always asking for things to do at home. This is a way for their kids to practice reading in a fun,  "real life" way. You could give this to your parents too, or if you have kids of your own, you could you use yourself! :) I'm thinking about using it with my son this year even though he can't read the clues himself yet. :)   

Here's what it is: there are 3 clue cards that send their child on a hunt for a special gift from the Easter bunny. They have to read the clues and figure out where the next clue will be. More detailed directions for you are written up in the actual document. 

 Put this clue next to Easter basket:

 THis sentence scrambler will be in the egg next to this green clue.

This is the 3rd clue card with another plastic egg next to it.
These letters will be inside the egg for students to unscramble.

This is the final card that will be found with the special Easter gift: a book!
You can download this freebie by clicking below:


What do you all do on Easter? I'd love to hear from you!

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