Valentine's Day Freebie and a winner

I loved reading the comments about what you love to do during February. As promised, my son Shawn chose a winner for the February Combo literacy centers. He picked a number between 1 and 17 (since there were 17 comments). He chose 13, so congrats to commenter #13 Elizabeth Parce! (Elizabeth, I need your email address so I can get that to you soon. Yay!)  

Thanks again for your comments! It's so fun to read them. :) 

Here's another freebie... just because. It's from my February literacy centers. 

Click on the picture to download

Have a great night!


  1. Sarah,
    I was so excited to hear that I had won the giveaway. I had never won a blog giveaway until this weekend and now I have won four! I think I will buy a lottery ticket for Wednesday night... Sorry I forgot to add my email address. Thank you so much. Elizabeth in South Dakota

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