There's some (common core) love in the air and a FREEBIE!

I know it is a couple weeks away, but I'm looking forward to the pink-i-fied (spelling?) holiday known as Valentine's Day. It's so funny being a teacher on Valentine's Day because it becomes less about love and more about classroom valentines, parties, and activities. Anyone else agree? My husband always jokes that he's off the hook with flowers and chocolates because I get so much from kids in my class. Nice try John! :) I always loved Valentine's Day because it was so exciting to look through all the cards from my classmates (even though 95% were totally store-bought, generic cards). I see that same excitement with my students and it makes me smile. 

Here is a picture of my students doing an inferencing activity last year. They were using clues from the text to guess the Valentine gift in the bag. 
They went around the room to four bags, read the clues and had to guess what was inside. They had to write the clues that led them to their guess. This is a fun inference activity that gets the kids moving and thinking! They love to feel like detectives!

This is one of the activities in my Valentine's Day unit:

To make it complicated, I have two options for this pack. There is a reason for this though! I have requests for a Valentine pack from people who do and don't buy my literacy menus. So... I wanted to make the main pack first with ready-to-go activities. Then I added my Valentine's themed centers from my February packet too. I didn't want to make people buy a product with overlap, so I made two. I hope that makes sense!

Here is what you'll find in the Valentine Literacy Ready-to-Go

Click on the bag to see more directions for how to do this inferencing activity:

The Valentine Unit PLUS has these additional items from my February menu:
(so obviously if you bought that, you don't want the PLUS, you want the other one)

That is a lot of pink but I love it! 

And yes, it is common core-aligned. I finally wised up and put the common core standard on each page for those of you who need that at your school. We aren't quite there yet at my school, so I'm a little behind the times. I'm sure it's coming soon for us so I better get ready!

For those of you that purchased this last year, make sure you go back and download again because, as you can see, I doubled the size of this pack!

Here is a freebie from the pack:

Click on the picture to download


  1. This looks wonderful and I just added it to my extensive cart at TPT!
    I adore you Sarah, for the amazing creativity and thought you put into your units. Your rubrics are a dream for teachers like me!

  2. What a cute and useful freebie!! Your Valentine's Literacy pack looks AWESOME!
    The Moffatt Girls

  3. I am one of your biggest FANS!! I just discovered your store TPT when I bought your winter comprehension packet. It is fantastic. Being an interventionist, I love the three different levels. I have to admit I think I bought three more of your items during the sale last weekend. I love them and can't wait to use them!! I really like your rubric grading scales. Thanks so much for the freebie!1
    The Phonics Phenomenon

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  5. Thank you so much for this freebie, it has come at a very needed and perfect time. I will be going over to look at your other stuff on TpT in a minute.

    The Paper Maid

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