CCS 1st 2nd Grade March Literacy Centers

Hooray! My centers are finished and posted! I'm so sorry it's  so close to March and I'm just now posting. I'm in the process of packing and moving (so exciting) plus February was just so busy with other stuff going on in class, so it's been hard to squeeze it all in. I'm glad I'm finally done and I hope it's not too late for you all. :) I love how these centers turned out!

2nd Grade

Word Work: 
~Magic e: Place the 2 syllable word card on the correct sorting mat (with or without the "magic" e)
~Rainbow Words: Make a flip book that makes words. 2 options: 3 syllable words or 1 syllable words with vowel teams. 
~Hearing Homophones: Students  will match homophones
~Word Sort: Sorting parts of speech (verb, adjective, and noun)

~Context Clues: Students will read sentences and find the meaning of the underlined word by using context clues. 
~Read and Comprehend: Students will read and answer comprehension questions (2 options available! A short reading passage about rainbows and a short book about forest animals with a glossary)
~Read, Think, match: 3 options
~Read, Visualize, Draw: 2 options

~Sticker Story
~Writing Prompts: 4 writing prompts provided
~Informative Writing: Picture topic cards, graphic organizer,  and student page
~Opinion Writing: picture cards with graphic organizer
~Extra March Word writing helper.

Sentence Building:
~Word Endings: 3 small posters to help students  choose the correct way to change the verb in each sentence.
~Sentence or Not? Students will sort complete and incomplete sentences. Then they will make the complete sentences into complete sentences. Early finishers will change complete sentences into complex sentences.
~Sentence Scrambler: 2 ways to make each sentence
~Super Sentence: Building sentences with adjectives, subject, adverbs, and verbs. 

1st  Grade: 

Word Work: 
~Magic e: place word card on pot of gold with or without silent e (1 syllable words)
~Rainbow Words: Flip book to make words
Lucky Words: Making words with different short vowels
U Sort: Sorting  short or long u's.

~Read and Sequence: 3 choices
Read, Visualize, Draw: two choices
Rebuild a Poem: original poem with sentence strips and student sheet.  
Read, Think, Match: 3 choices

~Sticker Story
~My Pet Opinion Writing
~How to... (3 options: Catch a leprechaun, Make a PB&J sandwich, and Plant a flower)
~Post Office: Writing letters to fairy tale characters (and a blank one to write to anyone)
~Mix A Fairy Tale: Choose a setting, good character, and bad character card. Mix them and make your own fairy tale.

Sentence Building: 
~Sentence Scramblers
~Word Endings: er or est
~Complete or incomplete sentences
~Super Sentence: Building sentences with subject, verb, and adjectives

The difference between the 1st and 2nd grade centers:
~8 centers are completely different
~The other centers are similar but more difficult (for example, the rainbow flip book and magic e has more syllables for 2nd grade. The sentence scrambler can be made in two different ways, and the super sentence has adverbs included.)

The COMBO is also available. You get everything from both menus, plus a few extra menus that mix and match the two grade levels. You can get the   1st 2nd COMBO pack here.


  1. Hi Sarah. I am glad you incorporated ideas for how to do the centers and rotate groups. Thanks so much!


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  3. Reading and writing are main focused nowadays but we need to focus on other activities like listening and speaking as well. Thanks for covering the various aspects in this blog.