CCS 1st 2nd Grade March Literacy Centers

Hooray! My centers are finished and posted! I'm so sorry it's  so close to March and I'm just now posting. I'm in the process of packing and moving (so exciting) plus February was just so busy with other stuff going on in class, so it's been hard to squeeze it all in. I'm glad I'm finally done and I hope it's not too late for you all. :) I love how these centers turned out!

2nd Grade

Word Work: 
~Magic e: Place the 2 syllable word card on the correct sorting mat (with or without the "magic" e)
~Rainbow Words: Make a flip book that makes words. 2 options: 3 syllable words or 1 syllable words with vowel teams. 
~Hearing Homophones: Students  will match homophones
~Word Sort: Sorting parts of speech (verb, adjective, and noun)

~Context Clues: Students will read sentences and find the meaning of the underlined word by using context clues. 
~Read and Comprehend: Students will read and answer comprehension questions (2 options available! A short reading passage about rainbows and a short book about forest animals with a glossary)
~Read, Think, match: 3 options
~Read, Visualize, Draw: 2 options

~Sticker Story
~Writing Prompts: 4 writing prompts provided
~Informative Writing: Picture topic cards, graphic organizer,  and student page
~Opinion Writing: picture cards with graphic organizer
~Extra March Word writing helper.

Sentence Building:
~Word Endings: 3 small posters to help students  choose the correct way to change the verb in each sentence.
~Sentence or Not? Students will sort complete and incomplete sentences. Then they will make the complete sentences into complete sentences. Early finishers will change complete sentences into complex sentences.
~Sentence Scrambler: 2 ways to make each sentence
~Super Sentence: Building sentences with adjectives, subject, adverbs, and verbs. 

1st  Grade: 

Word Work: 
~Magic e: place word card on pot of gold with or without silent e (1 syllable words)
~Rainbow Words: Flip book to make words
Lucky Words: Making words with different short vowels
U Sort: Sorting  short or long u's.

~Read and Sequence: 3 choices
Read, Visualize, Draw: two choices
Rebuild a Poem: original poem with sentence strips and student sheet.  
Read, Think, Match: 3 choices

~Sticker Story
~My Pet Opinion Writing
~How to... (3 options: Catch a leprechaun, Make a PB&J sandwich, and Plant a flower)
~Post Office: Writing letters to fairy tale characters (and a blank one to write to anyone)
~Mix A Fairy Tale: Choose a setting, good character, and bad character card. Mix them and make your own fairy tale.

Sentence Building: 
~Sentence Scramblers
~Word Endings: er or est
~Complete or incomplete sentences
~Super Sentence: Building sentences with subject, verb, and adjectives

The difference between the 1st and 2nd grade centers:
~8 centers are completely different
~The other centers are similar but more difficult (for example, the rainbow flip book and magic e has more syllables for 2nd grade. The sentence scrambler can be made in two different ways, and the super sentence has adverbs included.)

The COMBO is also available. You get everything from both menus, plus a few extra menus that mix and match the two grade levels. You can get the   1st 2nd COMBO pack here.

March Literacy Center 1st 2nd COMBO Finished (almost)

Hello everyone! I just wanted to write a quick post to let you know I just finished the 2nd grade March Centers and an update for the 1st grade centers (nothing major, so it's not like you'd have to download it again). I'll be putting them together for a COMBO pack as well. I'm SO excited about these centers! I'm sending them off to my my fabulous editor (a sweet buyer who helps catch my little mistakes). It will be posted as soon as she gets a chance to check them. I've been getting a lot of emails asking when the COMBO will be ready, so I thought I'd show you a quick sneak peak. You can expect this to be posted soon! :)

1st Grade Menu:

 2nd Grade Menu:

I finally wised up and put the common core standards on the menu!

I will post a full preview of each center tomorrow so you can have a better idea of what's in these packs (and how the centers differ from 1st to 2nd). 

President Mini Unit with a FREEBIE!

I'll start this time with your freebie:

Click on the picture to download

This President's Day freebie comes from my  Presidential Packet!

For this mini-unit, students pretend to be president for a week. They get sworn in at the beginning of the week, then learn all about their duties as president. Below is a reading passage about the president, a web to organize ideas, an Anticipation guide, and two graphic organizers. The Can, Are, Do graphic organizers have two options. One just to write in answers and the other requires filling in the blanks and gluing in the correct spot.

One of the jobs as president is to help balance the budget. This activity has two versions: country (US) and school.

For this activity, students have only $2.00 in dimes. They are told about each "program" that the country or school needs. Each program needs 50 cents but they only have the $2.00. So they have to make choices in small groups about how much money each program gets. Then they color in the dimes to show how much they spent on each program. After that, they write about which program they think is most important and why.

There are two version of this activity: Country (above) and school (below)
I usually do one as a whole group and the other as a partner activity.

(Look familiar? I posted this activity a couple years back but I've spiffed it up since then!)

Another job as president is to choose other important leaders for our country. As a class, brainstorm ideas about what makes a good leader. Make a list or web on the board. Then students will choose a person they think will be a good leader and write about it. The worksheet has adjectives to describe the leader. Students choose a person with one of more of those qualities and write about why that person would be a good leader. It could be an opinion piece or a persuasive writing. 
Presidents may not be able to make laws on their own, but they have a part in passing laws. Students will read the reading passage about a president's role in making laws. There are a few different writing activities. They can write about laws they would change, pass, and veto (for our country or classroom). They could also write about laws they would want to see passed. The will write about this and then give "a speech" (read their paper) as a president would if he had a law he wanted to support. A graphic organizer accompanies the writing page. Last, I would use the "Veto Power" page. I will write four classroom rules that I want to add (some realistic and some silly). Then we will discuss them and, as president, they will veto or sign the bills to make them laws. you could also have them think of new rules (as Congress), then each person can veto or sign as president.  

As president, you have to interact with leaders in other countries. It's important to be a problem solver! Students will read the task cards and write how they would solve the problem. 
Students will also read a passage about a principal and compare a principal to a president. Students will see that these leaders have a lot in common! 

Also included: George Washington and Abe Lincoln reading passages. After reading, they can do Venn diagram or T Chart. I also included a Read and Sequence for Abe Lincoln's life and two options for Read, Think, Match. 

So there's my Social Studies plans for next week! 

If you are looking for a unit like this, you can find it by clicking HERE

Updated photos (Feb2017): 

Dental Health Experiments, a Fun Math activity, a Mini unit and a Freebie

Last week we started our dental health unit. I had so much fun with this unit! I was lucky enough to have a parent in my class who is also a dentist. She brought in some dental goodies and gave an amazing presentation. As always, I try to integrate our theme into other subjects as much as I can. I made a mini pack of dental literacy activities.  Here is a preview of the pack:

This math activity was pretty fun. 

I started with a whole class lesson. It worked out perfectly because I was due for an observation from my principal and this activity had my students engaged for the entire lesson. First, I put a clip art of a pillow taped to the white board. 

I lifted the pillow to show a tooth with a value on it. 

(I have a magnetic white board, so I just put magnetic tape on the back of each tooth.) I told the class that the tooth fairy needed help counting  out the correct coins. I got the cutest tooth fairy clip art from Lita Lita. I printed the tooth fairy and stuck it on a stick. I called on students to come up and "fly" the tooth fairy over to the pillow and take the tooth. Then they chose the correct coins (also with magnetic tape on the back) and slipped the coins under the pillow. After a couple of examples, I passed out paper money to the students and they all practiced finding the correct coins for each tooth. In the mini-unit, I included this activity with a student sheet to be used as a center or whole class activity. I also made a similar activity that can be done with partners to compare the value or two teeth.  

We also did the famous egg in soda experiment. That was a fun one! I made another worksheet to go with it that emphasized the scientific method. 

I did not include this in the mini pack, but you can get it for free by clicking on the picture.

Question for TPT/TN sellers: The reason I didn't include this in my mini unit is because the actual experiment is not my "intellectual property". It's an experiment that has been around forever and I don't actually know where I first heard about it. The worksheet, however, is my intellectual property. (Actually, fast fact, the format for this scientific method worksheet was the first thing I ever posted on TPT back in early 2011 for a polar bear experiment- but the clip art was not nearly as cute back then!)  So, am I correct to assume that I can't include this in the pack to sell because the experiment isn't my intellectual property, even if the worksheet is? I just thought I'd ask you all to see what you thought. Please email me if you have an opinion on the subject. :)

You can get this mini unit at my teachers stores by clicking on the links below:


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You'll also want to upload this freebie again:

A sweet follower pointed out that I needed the box around "my" for #3. Thank you! Sorry for the trouble everyone. You can click on the picture to download. 

Valentine's Day Freebie and a winner

I loved reading the comments about what you love to do during February. As promised, my son Shawn chose a winner for the February Combo literacy centers. He picked a number between 1 and 17 (since there were 17 comments). He chose 13, so congrats to commenter #13 Elizabeth Parce! (Elizabeth, I need your email address so I can get that to you soon. Yay!)  

Thanks again for your comments! It's so fun to read them. :) 

Here's another freebie... just because. It's from my February literacy centers. 

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Have a great night!

Math "Snapshot" Assessment for Addition freebie

I took the great advice that was given to me and finished up this "snapshot". I appreciate the input! :) You can now download these for free. I hope to make more soon(ish). 

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