Verb Craftivity freebie- Ten on a Sled

This week we did one of my favorite activities! Remember this little craftivity I created last year? 

Yes, it's the one that makes me laugh out loud STILL! Hilarious, right? Well, it's also a great lesson to do with your students and, trust me, people with comment, giggle, and love this on your hallway bulletin boards. There is something about a teacher who is so NOT crafty trying to put together a craft like this. I had my fabulous teaching partner Judy redo the coat for me so it wasn't so lopsided. It looks MUCH better now. To see last year's version, click here. :)

This craftivity goes with the fabulous book Ten on a Sled by Kim Norman.

Here's what I wrote about it last year:
I read this cute book called Ten on a Sled by Kim Norman. My kids loved the rhyming, alliteration, repetitive language, and great illustrations. But what stood out was the verbs! To give a little background, 10 animals are all on a sled. One by one, each animal falls off the sled. To describe how they fall off the author uses alliteration and creative verbs (the walrus whirled off). Of course this was the best time to introduce verbs!

So I made a quick anchor chart (nothing fancy) and we went back to identify the verbs that went with each animal. One of my brilliant kiddos shouts out "but Stella slid off!" Hold up now! Great idea right? We put all our names on chart paper, then together thought of verbs that would go with our names if we were in the story. I was so impressed and they were so excited.

(Here's my chart from this year)

Next came the craftivity. The top of the bulletin board says: 

There were 17 on the sled and the teacher said...
(the real version says, "There were 10 on the sled and the caribou said...")

Then each student makes this with their name and the verb that works with their name.

I promise this will make a lot more sense once you read the book. And you MUST read the book. It's SO good!

One of my favorite bloggers is having a grammar linky party. Yes, it's the fabulous Lori from Teaching with Love and Laughter. Everything she makes is wonderful and I'm pretty sure I've purchased everything in her TPT shop. So... I'm hoping this little verb craftivity counts as a grammar idea so I can link up with the fabulous Lori. :)

 Click on the picture below to join the party and see other great ideas!


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  2. Such a fun book and the perfect pick for verbs:) The craftivity is AdoRaBle!

    The Resourceful Apple

  3. What a perfect activity to integrate reading and grammar! Sarah, it's brilliant! Thanks so much for the great idea and for linking up! Pinning for sure!
    Ѽ Lori
    Teaching With Love and Laughter

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  5. Thank you for the idea to use Ten on the Sled. I will be using it on Tuesday to review verbs. Wonderful post.

    1. My students loved the book and searching for colorful verbs. It was great to hear them laughing and learning. A great verb review for my class. Thanks again for the post.