Groundhog Day Unit

February is right around the corner and that means that we need to start planning for Groundhog Day! I made this little mini-pack last year. 

 We were working on making predictions last year during this time so I thought I'd combine Groundhog Day with this reading skill (naturally since the groundhog predicts our weather and all). 
I made two different format for you to choose from. 
~You could make it into a literacy center with laminated cards for students to read and a student sheet to fill out.
You could use these student sheets for  a whole class lesson and some extra practice throughout the week. There are six different pages. I used this during one of my observations last year. I read a groundhog book where we practiced making predictions as a class before and during the book. As we read, we adjusted our predictions. (Keep in mind I had already introduced the word with an anchor chart prior to this lesson). Then I modeled using one of the student sheets with the class "helping" me make a prediction. We talked about parts of the text that helped us make those predictions. Then we used another one for guided practice. For the next few days students got more practice using the rest of the sheets. Each time we discussed our predictions and parts of the text that helped us make our predictions. 

There is also a little nonfiction passage for your kiddos. I included an anticipation guide (great pre-reading activity), comprehension questions, and two graphic organizers. (I actually used the can, have, do chart with another nonfiction book though.)

This is a fun interactive word making activity. Students can make the groundhog "pop up" to read the words. 

Here is a little preview of the rest of the pack. 

My favorite activity that I created one day on a whim (I love unplanned student-inspired activities)

You can get this pack at my TPT store.

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