Bear and Friends Book Study updated

This week I started my bear unit in science. To go along with it, we read all the bear books by Karma Wilson. I LOVE these books. My students love the rhyming, the repetitive refrain, and the fun story lines. The illustrations by Jane Chapman are fabulous too! A couple weeks ago, I finished updating my Bear and Friends unit with some new (to me) clip art. 

(cave clip art by: Doodle Darlins)
Frames by KPM doodles and  Annie Moffatt 

This literacy pack has so many activities! I will not get to all of them, of course, but I like to have the variety so I can pick and choose. Plus I wanted you to have options so that you could choose skills that you wanted to focus on. Many of the skills in this pack are review for my class, so these activities serve as extra practice (which we all need). Some of the activities are new skills, so I'll spend some more time focusing on those and giving some more instruction around it. The skills/activities in this pack are very similar to those found in my Jan Brett unit and my fairy tales unit. That way, my students are sure to get some much needed practice! 

Here's a peek inside this pack:

You can get this pack by clicking on the store of your choice below:



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