January Literacy Centers

I hope everyone is enjoying their time off. I'm looking forward to having another week off next week! A post Christmas week to just relax (well as much relaxing as I can do with two small boys). December is always so crazy busy, it's kind of nice to have a more mellow January. For those of you who are gearing up for January and trying to get organized now, I made a little preview of my January centers for first and second grade. After a lot of requests, I've also combined them into one pack. These centers have saved me so much time and grief! My students are on autopilot now with centers and it all runs so smoothly! 

Here's a preview of the 1st grade literacy centers:

Word Work:
  • Make a Word: connecting the penguin to make words (also a polar bear or snowflake centers)
  • Short or Long: Read each penguin word card and decide if it needs a silent e or not (place on the correct igloo)
  • Snow Sounds: Look at each word card and count the phonemes. Sort by sounds.
  • How many o's: Look at picture card and decide if it needs one o or two. 

  • Sticker Story
  • Story Starter (with two writing choices)
  • Be an Author
  • Describe a snow globe  

Sentence Building:
  • Word Ending: adding -ed, -s, or -ing
  • Slide a sentence
  • Build a Sentence (placing word cards on a mat to build a good sentence)
  • Sentence Scramblers  

Here's a preview of the 2nd grade literacy centers:

Making Inferences, Main Idea, Read and Comprehend, Read, Think, Match

Word Work: 
  • Make a Word: 2 Choices (match prefix to base word OR matching 2 syllable words)
  • Short or Long: Read the 2 syllable word and decide if it needs a silent e or not
  • Noun Sort: Sorting common and proper nouns 
  • Sounds of oo: Read the word and decide if it says /oo/ as in book or /oo/ as in moon

  • Sticker Story
  • Story Starter (2 choices)
  • Be an Author: (2 choices: with pictures or without); Winter Words sheet included
  • Describe a Snow Globe: 6 snow  globes to describe

Sentence Building:
  • Sentence Scramblers (5 sentences)
  • Then or Now (verb tense): read each word card and decide if it's past or present (option for early finishers)
  • Plowing Through Prefixes: Read each sentence and choose the correct prefix.
  • Super Sentence: Build a sentence with a subject, adjective, verb (or verb phrase), and adverb

You can buy these here:

1st Grade                                                          2nd Grade
         TPT                              TPT           


  1. Are you in the process of making a Rebuild a Poem mega-pack? I'd love to have it!

    1. Great idea! I'll add it to my list. I've been meaning to write more poems anyway... Thanks for the motivation!

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  3. January is always a tough month for everyone because you have to come back on work after holidays. Thanks for writing these wonderful thoughts.