November Literacy Centers and a Freebie

This week, we'll be starting our November literacy centers. I love seeing the progression of student work with literacy centers. Here is a preview of the November pack:

You can get these at my Teacher's Notebook Store or TPT store.

Here's the 2nd grade menu:

 The reading section is mostly the same, just with higher levels.

 In place of Rebuild a Poem, there is the option of Read and Comprehend

 The Word Work section is all different:

The sentence building is also different than the first grade menu:

With this center, they match two verbs with each picture. Then they write a sentence.

Word endings uses the suffixes -ly and -able. Glue a sentence is just more difficult.

Sentence Scrambler is the same, except there is a second student sheet to write another sentence for each set.

You can get the 2nd grade version here at my Teacher's Notebook store or TPT store.

Here is a Glue a Sentence FREEBIE! Click on the pictures to download. I included both the first and second grade together to give a little variety. They can be challenging for your firsties, but you could also use the harder ones during a small group lesson then have the easier one as a center. 


  1. Sarah... this looks AMAZING!!!!

  2. Sarah, I love your unit! This must have took you a while! I am heading over to TPT to check it out now! Thanks for sharing your freebie with us!

    Ms. Marciniak's First Grade Critter Cafe

  3. I just purchased your sentence scrambler mega pack and I'm so excited to use it. I love the rebuild a poem too but I couldn't find it in your store. Do you sell this as a mega pack like the sentence scramblers? Thanks!

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