Tuesday, November 27, 2012

December Literacy Centers for First AND Second Grade (FREEBIE too)

December is right around the corner. This is my favorite teaching time of the year. I actually wish we had more school during December so I could squeeze in everything that I want to do this month. Santa, elves, holidays around the world, reindeer, Polar Express, gingerbread man... am I forgetting anything? LOVE. it. all. 

I wanted to show you a full preview of my December literacy centers for first and second grade. 
Here are the first grade menus (there are two choices):


And the 2nd grade menu:

I have to confess that I might actually like the 2nd grade menu better. What?! I teach first grade so I'm out of luck! I hope some of you can put it to use. I'll probably use a few things from here as extras though.

 TPT store  

I'm considering putting these together to sell, just in case there are some from both that you'd want. I wouldn't want anyone to buy both because there is a little overlap. I have to figure out how to reduce the huge file size without getting the blurries! Any suggestions from fellow mac users? I've been having issues lately. SO frustrating. I wish I were more tech-savvy!

In case you are a new follower (since last December), you can get the Santa Sentence Wheel for FREE

You can get it at my TPT store 


  1. Love these Centers! I bought the January one for 2nd grade. Thanks for all your work!