Holidays Around the World Map and suitcase Freebie

Last year I posted about a map I made to go with Rachelle Smith's Holidays Around the World unit. This is one of my favorite things to do. The kids LOVE it! I've updated the map to include her new additions (Holidays Around the World Part 2). I also included a blank map just in case. :) You can download it by clicking the picture below.

Here are some pictures from last year's suitcases.  We put all our their "souvenirs" here.

Here are some directions on how to make them. I sent them home for parents to make. You can click on the picture to download.

I got the idea for the suitcases last year from this blog:

To get to Rachelle's unit, click on the picture below.

December Literacy Centers for First AND Second Grade (FREEBIE too)

December is right around the corner. This is my favorite teaching time of the year. I actually wish we had more school during December so I could squeeze in everything that I want to do this month. Santa, elves, holidays around the world, reindeer, Polar Express, gingerbread man... am I forgetting anything? LOVE. it. all. 

I wanted to show you a full preview of my December literacy centers for first and second grade. 
Here are the first grade menus (there are two choices):


And the 2nd grade menu:

I have to confess that I might actually like the 2nd grade menu better. What?! I teach first grade so I'm out of luck! I hope some of you can put it to use. I'll probably use a few things from here as extras though.

 TPT store  

I'm considering putting these together to sell, just in case there are some from both that you'd want. I wouldn't want anyone to buy both because there is a little overlap. I have to figure out how to reduce the huge file size without getting the blurries! Any suggestions from fellow mac users? I've been having issues lately. SO frustrating. I wish I were more tech-savvy!

In case you are a new follower (since last December), you can get the Santa Sentence Wheel for FREE

You can get it at my TPT store 

TPT Sale

Have you heard of this sale? Ha! Just kidding. Have you read 100 posts about this sale? Well, here's 101. :) I'm participating in this sale tomorrow and Tuesday. I already have a full cart of things that I want to buy, so I need to spend the next few minutes narrowing down my choices. There are SO many great products out there! 

You can check out my TPT store by clicking the image above or on the images below to get to specific wintery-related products. 

First Grade December Literacy centers

 2nd Grade December Literacy Centers

Kinder Polar Express

Jan Brett Books Study

It's (Almost) Polar Express Time!

This pack was a huge hit last year! I've updated it with more clip art and cute frames and added a couple things. If you do a Polar Express unit, you should take a look! 


 Two Making Connection pages (with extra writing page)
Polar Express Summary Slide
Polar Settings (how the setting changes throughout the story)

 Rhyming Center
Syllable sort (pictures or just words)
Make a Word
Noun Sort

 Original poem with teaching ideas.
4 Sentence Scramblers

Various writing prompts:

YOu can get it at my Teacher's NOtebook store or my TPT store.

There is also a Kinder option available:

The main difference is that the Kinder option has letter sort instead of a noun sort, the lines are bigger to write, and short vowels are used instead of long vowels. If you buy one of the packs and think you should have bought the other, email me and I'll send it to you for free!

For a cute Polar Express sequencing craft freebie, you can click on the picture below:

A last minute Thanksgiving freebie

I know many of you are already on Thanksgiving break, but just in case there are more of you out there who have school through Wednesday, I have this little freebie to share. We've done a ton of activities to learn about Pilgrims and the first Thanksgiving, but I haven't done much to learn about the Native Americans. Scholastic has some really cool stuff on their website. I wanted to do a little something to focus on Squanto. You could use the reading passage as a whole group lesson or with some of your higher readers during reading groups. You could use it with the main idea graphic organizer, or you could just read any ol' book about Squanto and use the graphic organizer on its own. I made two versions of the graphic organizer for you to choose from. 


You can download these FREE pages by clicking on the preview HERE.

My Thanksgiving unit is filled with tons of great activities!

You can find this HERE.