Sunday, September 30, 2012

October Literacy Centers for First and Second Grade

Is it October? What?! Where did September go? I keep saying, "Oh the school year just started." Then I realize I've been in school for a month. It just flew by! I mentioned in my last post that I'm spending one more week doing September centers since we got a late start, but I wanted to show you all my October centers in case you wanted to get a jump start. They are a little different than they were when I posted about it last year. So here's a peak:

There are two options for menus because I had a few extra ideas. They only differ in a couple ways. 

Under the reading column, there are 4 centers:

 Word Work: 5 centers

5 Writing Centers 
(the one not shown here is How to Carve a Pumpkin)

 5 Sentence Building centers

Keep in mind, there are many, many more pages that are not shown here. 

You can get the October centers at my TPT store.

I also have these centers for 2nd grade too. 

The reading centers are the same except for Read and Comprehend, which takes the place of Rebuild a Poem. I still included Rebuild a Poem in the pack, just in case. The other other centers are the same as first grade, but with a higher level of difficulty.

The Word Work centers are also similar, but more challenging. 
Harvesting words: Making words using the letters in the word harvest or scarecrow.
Pumpkin Words: Real or nonsense (more challenging words)
 Going Batty Making Words: connecting two syllable words
Sorting Treats: short and long e (with ea words like bread vs. treat)

Word Endings: suffixes
Glue a Sentence: two choices
Sentence Scrambler: to add a challenge, there are two ways to make each sentence. Once students unscramble the sentence, they can mix them up again to make another sentence.
Super Sentence: This is much more challenging than the first grade version! It has adjectives AND adverbs!

Writing centers:

You can get these 2nd grade menus at my TPT store.

I promise to post soon about Reading Workshop and guided reading groups. 


  1. I just found your blog and am enjoying reading through many of your posts! thanks for so many great ideas!

  2. Are you aligning these to Common Core at all? If so do you list that in the packet? It would be helpful.

  3. Hi! I love the idea of having a menu but was wondering how long it took you to actually set up all your months and where did you get a lot of your materials to do them? I would love to implement the menus in my classroom but not sure if I have the time to do it this year.
    Thanks Stephanie

  4. I love this stuff! :) I've "Boo'd" you at my blog and you could totally use all of these ideas to link up!

    Little Miss Glamour Goes to Kindergarten

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