Fall into Literacy and a Fall Hop sale

I made this pack a while ago but never posted any pictures of it. Now that it's fall, I can't procrastinate anymore. This is a compilation of all fall-related centers from my September-November literacy center menus. So, if you already own those, you can stop reading here. :) The menus are not included in this pack because it doesn't have the non fall-related centers from those packs. So in other words, it's not a compilation of everything from those menus, just the fall stuff. I wanted to make a fall pack because I know there are lots of you out there who just want the centers, not necessarily the menus. So here you go! This is 191 pages total! Say what?! Yep, that's right. 

Here's a preview of what's in the Fall into Literacy Pack:

Two different apple sorting activities: real and nonsense sort and short i sort.

Two other real and nonsense sorts (pumpkin and pie with crow)
Pumpkin Making Words (try to make words using the letters in the word pumpkin)

Going Batty Making Words: connect parts of bat to make words
Sorting Treats: Sorting words with short vowels.
Owl sort: sorting short u words
Blend a word: making words with consonant blends

Build a Sentence (also known as Match a sentence):
(3 different centers to use for each month of fall)

HOw to carve a pumpkin writing (different formats for this)

Flip a sentence: (make a flip book with these pages)

Spin and Write (spinner and writing paper)
Describe a picture (6 cards)
Writing Prompts (6 cards)
Be an Author: Halloween writing

Super sentence: Create a super sentence using color coordinated cards and sentence mat.
Sentence scramblers: 9 included!

7 different Read and Sequence (with varying levels)

Read, Think, Match (varying levels available)

Rebuild a poem: 2 original poems with comprehension pages, student sheet, and directions for creating a pocket chart center using poem.

Read, Visualize, Draw (3 different with varying levels)
3 read and color (read the words and color the pictures with real words)

Post office spinner
sticker story
Fall sentence page
What would Johnny Say? 

I'm linking up with Second Grade Math Maniac for this fall sale.
Don't forget my sale goes through Monday.


  1. These are great, Sarah! Can't wait to read more about your center set up. :)