Who Doesn't Love a Smore?

I hope you are all enjoying your summers. I've read in blog land that some of you are already back to school! I've still got another month left but I'm already starting to get anxious excited to get back into my classroom. I swear, it takes me an entire month to get my class set up! 

Since we're going camping (in my dad's backyard) this weekend, I thought it would be a great time to give you one last summer freebie. We will be for sure making smores! 

This is from my June 1st grade centers AND my August 2nd grade centers. 

There are three options for this How-To writing assignment.

Cut and paste pictures:

Pictures provided in spaces:

 No pictures:

You can download this smore freebie HERE.

I just had to throw this in the mix:


  1. This lesson looks yummy!! I love the cut & paste pictures!! Super cute! :)
    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  2. I am a new follower! I love this s'mores writing and will use it with a camping unit in the spring. Thank you!

  3. This is perfect for my camping theme. Thanks for the freebie!
    Sheree Peterson

  4. Thank you for the freebie-- I love it! Have you ever made solar s'mores with your class? Basically, wait for a hot day and have your students makes s'mores like usual. Then, individually wrap the s'mores in tin foil and place outside in the sun! Students love it :)

    EduKate and Inspire

  5. Another great writing activity with super cute paper! Thank you! I've grabbed my freebie and pinned. :)

    The Teaching Thief

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  7. Wow...as sweet as Smores are, so are you! THANKS for sharing! Stop by and visit my Blog anytime! SMILES

  8. Such a cute idea - and I love the three different levels. Thanks.