Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo

I'm so excited about the Back to School Virtual Teaching Expo. 

There are some great presenters, including the fabulous Annie Moffatt. All five presentation topics sound so good! There will also be vendor hall with tons of items on sale and a goodie bag full of free products! My Inferences mini pack will be included in the goodie bag and three of my products will be on sale.

You don't want to wait. Get your tickets now!

Click here to buy your ticket for only $10!!


  1. Hi Sweet Sarah!
    I just wanted to thank you for the Making Inferences Mini-Pack! This is so perfect for us! I think I will start Audrey on this in the middle of the school year:) I also have your fairy tale pack in my cart! LOVE it!

    1. Thanks Annie! I bought your sight word watches and sight word graphing bundle. I LOVE them both. I can't wait to use them. I think I'll start out with the watches during my first week of school. That'll hook them right in! :) Thanks for your sweet comment. I hope you enjoy everything. :)
      Sarah's First Grade Snippets

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