May Centers in Action (with a freebie)

I always love May. The weather is (semi) nice and the kids are working more independently. I almost wish it didn't have to end. We don't get out until the middle of June, so I have a bit more time to enjoy this stage. May centers are in full swing and the class is doing so well with them! Here are some pictures of May centers in action. 

Sorting Stations: How many e's 

Read, Think, Match 

Read and Comprehend: This is a great activity for the kids at this point in the year. The questions on the back really show whether or not a student is comprehending this passage. I had one student who is very fluent reader that did not do so well on the questions. It was great to sit down with him and go over the parts of this reading passage to see what went wrong. Turns out he was just rushing. It was good for both of us to sit down and go over this together.

Syllable Sort: 
(There are words on those frogs but you can't tell in this picture. Plus, I really should have cut those frogs out. I was a little lazy I guess!)

Sunshine Words: match the beginning with the ending to make words.

Sounds of C: Sorting soft and hard c words

Expand a Word (got this idea from 

What I know: nonfiction writing
I've really enjoyed reading these. The kids love writing nonfiction!

Sticker Story: 
This is the beginning of a student's sticker story. It's a little fuzzy. :(

Super Sentence:
 I'm looking to see how well students put the sentence together as well.  I also look for the period and a capital letter to begin the sentence. I still have kids who forget, which is so frustrating! I hand it back to them and ask them to edit it. If they still don't include capitals and punctuation, then I document that on the rubric at the end of the month.

 Fact vs. Opinion

Word Endings

Sentence Fillers: plugging in the correct verb and adjectives into these sentences

Sentence Scramblers

Be an Author: 
I've been encouraging my students to expand their sentences while writing their stories. 

If you are interested in these centers, you can click on the picture below to read the post with more information.

And I owe you a freebie from this packet. Click on the picture to download!

If you download, I'd love to hear from you. :)


  1. Cute idea! And counting syllables is something some kids Just. Don't. Get. Yet.

  2. This is so cute! I love the frogs!
    Thanks for sharing!
    ❀Beth Ann❀
    Taming My Flock of Firsties

  3. Your May centers look awesome! Good job!
    Sweet Times in First

  4. This looks great! I especially love the sticker story! So cute, Sarah!!

  5. I love the Syllable Sort!! Thanks so much for sharing!

    I am having a big TPT giveaway at my blog--come & check it out!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  6. Thanks for sharing. I always try to have a syllable sort, so great to have a new one.

  7. Read, Think, Match rocks my socks as does your Poetry Match. You've got some great stuff brewing over here. I am so glad that I found you and thanks for the Freebie!!

    Kelley Dolling
    Teacher Idea Factory

  8. Thanks so much for the freebie!
    Starting out on my own blogging adventure!

  9. Thanks for all the uplifting comments! I'll come by and visit your blogs too! So excited!

  10. I love your ideas. Been trying to plan some activities to keep my K & 2nd grader active this summer. Your blog gives me some ideas on creating learning centers for the summer.

  11. I love your blog and truly appreciate all your hard work. Thank you so much for sharing!

  12. I love your centers! I found a couple new ideas here to add to my arsenal! Thanks for sharing!

    Primary Inspired

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