June Literacy Center Menu

Now I know a lot of you are already done with school and sipping margaritas, relaxing in the sun. But there are some of us who are still in school mode for another few weeks. If you're one of those people, this is the perfect thing to get you through! Even if you haven't used the other monthly menus, this one could be used as a good "get through the last few weeks" activity. Since I usually only 2-3 weeks of school in June, I don't use this menu the same way I use my other menus. It becomes something my kids can work on while I do assessments, and when we have just that little bit of extra time. The first week of June is usually pretty normal, but after that our schedule is usually all over the place. This menu can be a life savor during those moments! Here's a preview:

Read, Visualize, Draw (2 included)
clipart by scrappindoodles and KPM doodles

Read and Comprehend: Reading passage with comprehension questions (not pictured)

Frames by Miss Tina and Fancy dog studios

Read and Sequence (2 versions included)

clip art by scrappindoodles

Read, Think, Match (2 included)

clipart by Thistlegirldesigns and Digiweb

Suffix Sort: Bird cards have base word; 4 Bird houses with suffixes

Sorting Station: ea words with short e and long e (like bread and meat)

Clip art by scrappindoodles; frames by sweetpickles

Sounds of Y: 

frames by Fancydog studios

Sounds of G (soft g and hard g picture cards and sorting mats)

Clip art by: scrappindoodles, Carrie's clip art (gorilla), Graphics factory (grapes and girl) and Thistlegirl (dragon)

Sentence puzzles: Mix and match puzzles pieces to make sentences

frame by fancydog studio; puzzle pieces by scrappindoodles

Sentence Scrambler

clip art by KPM doodles, scrappin doodles (sun) and Digiweb (fishing and tent)

Word Swap: sentence cards with two synonyms for each red word (like picture below) with student sheet (also pictured below)

frames by KPM doodles;

Super Sentence: sentence mat, word cards and student sheet

clip art by KPM doodles

Sequence and Write: Cut out picture cards and paste them to make a story

Frames by That Girl; clip art by Scrappindoodles

How to writing: 3 versions included (one with pictures in boxes, one with pictures to cut out and place in order, and one without pictures but with boxes to put transition words.

frames by That Girl; clipart by scrappindoodles

Picture Prompt: Use the "photo" to write about the boy's vacation with his grandpa

frames: from the pond

Sticker Story: 2 papers included

Frames by That Girl and 3am Teacher

Extra: Book report for early finishers

Frames by That Girl; clip art by scrappindoodles

You can get this at my TPT store and Teacher's Notebook store. Both are having a sale right now!


  1. I LOVE your literacy menus!! I just found your blog and I'm your newest follower!

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  2. Thanks everyone! Becky, I love your blog name! Lesson plans and lattes go very well together. :)
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  3. Hey! I'm your newest follower! I love the smores idea...it's just what I was looking for!

    Feel free to follow my site too to get some other ideas!

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