May Literacy Menu posted!

I finally finished my May centers and I'm so happy with them! I added 4 extra centers (one in each column) because my kids are getting so good at centers and May is always extra long! (I know some of you get out of school in May, but I get out in June, so May is super long.) So there are 20 centers in all. 

Here is the student menu:

2 separate versions of Read, Think, Match
clipart by thistlegirldesigns

Rebuild a Poem (with an original poem): 
Students put a poem back together using sentence strips in a pocket chart. 

Fact and Opinion: 
Sorting mats, sentences for students to sort, student sheet
 frames by 3am Teacher
clipart by scrappindoodles

Read and Sequence:
2 versions to choose from

Read and Comprehend (students read the passage and answer questions)
frames by Miss Tina

Expand a Word: add prefixes and suffixes to a base word to make new words
frame by kpm doodles

How Many E's: sorting long and short e words

Sunshine Words: matching onset with word ending to make real words

Syllable Sort: (my favorite)
Students will read the word on the frog and place it on the correct pond, depending on how many syllables it has. 
clip art by kpm doodles

Sounds of C: sorting soft and hard c
frame (on left) by 3am teacherframe on right: Miss Tina

Sticker Story
Be an Author: Spring Fun (book with illustrations for students to write)
Middle frame by Miss Tina; Yellow frame by KPM doodles

Book Report and What I Know (nonfiction writing)

Sequence and Write:
2 Versions: Trip to the zoo and field trip

Sentence Fillers: adding adjectives and verbs to sentences

Sentence Scramblers: 4 included

Super Sentence: Build a super sentence (words color-coordinated with super sentence mat)

Roll A sentence: 3 dice to make a sentence

frame by scrappincop

Word Endings: add -er, -est, -ed, -ing to words to make a sentence sound right. 
frame by ginger snaps

Rubric for the end of the month

You can get this at my TPT store.

To view an older post about my literacy centers and reader's workshop, click here.

I'd love to hear from you, especially if you use these! :)


  1. Wow... that looks like it has a lot good stuff in it. I'm going to go check it out!

    If you have a moment, check out my Clip Art/ Unit giveaway.

    First Upon A Time

  2. Sarah, once again you haven't let me down. Your May Literacy Centers are amazing. I found your blog over the Christmas break, and I've bought every month starting in January. The centers are just right for my kiddos. I know that your school probably starts the year after Labor Day, and your first Literacy Centers begin with October. Well, would you be willing to create a September Literacy Center set for people like me??? We start school on August 8th! I spend most of August teaching center procedures, and by September we are rolling at center time, and I would love to begin the year with your centers. Just think about it, I know its kind of far away, but my teacher brain never stops planning.
    Recently I was observed by a supervisor from my district, and she was impressed at the centers that the students were doing. I had to share with her my "Gold Mine". I just love your work. As far as which center to make a freebie I vote for the Syllable Sort. I love the frogs they are so cute.
    Once again Sarah, thank you for your excellent work; from One Happy Customer in Louisiana!
    Emily Davis

  3. THank you SOOO much for your comment! This totally made my day! :) I'd love to make a September menu. I'd love some input on what you'd like to see on that menu. Thanks again for your sweet comment!
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

  4. You are amazing! I love your work. I just purchased every monthly menu. However, I am also in need of September as well. Would you consider making one this summer? PLEASE. I will buy it immediately!

  5. Hi Linzy! Thanks so much for your sweet comment! I will definitely be making a September menu. I'm so glad there is so much interest. I didn't realize so many people started school so much earlier than me. If you have any requests for things you'd like to see on it, let me know. Please let me know your email address and I'll email you when I get it done.
    Sarah's First Grade Snippets

    1. My email is I will be using the September menu whole group. We will do most of them together to practice procedures. So I would like to see the most common ones you use for each category! Thank you!

  6. We start school August 1st and pre-planning July 25th! I totally agree--I would love to see a September calendar! Thanks for all you do! Love it!

  7. I tried to go to your Tpt store to look at your centers, but it said you didn't exist. Any suggestions? I would really like to purchase some of these. Thanks for your help.

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