Easter Literacy

I promise, last Easter post! :)

We did Easeter-related literacy activities all week. First, we practiced phonics skills with this real or nonsense word worksheet. Here, students color in eggs that have real words. I love how this student decorated hers so nicely! All of words in the eggs have ee or ea. 

We also wrote Easter sentences. This worksheet has Easter pictures to use as prompts. Students wrote questions and/or statements (depending on ability- some kids had to do both for each picture) about the pictures. We've been talking a lot about complete vs. incomplete sentences, as well as making a sentence into a super sentence. When we were finished, students read one of their sentences aloud and we worked as a group to make it into a super sentence (if needed). 

We practiced counting syllables with this worksheet. Students read  the words, then sorted them into 1, 2, or 3 syllable boxes.

During guided reading groups, we had a different Easter-related passage to read. Two were nonfiction and two were fiction. Here is one of the nonfiction passages. 

After reading, students went back and highlighted words with inflectional endings. 

Then we searched for words that were plural, and underlined them.

Next we compared rabbits and hares using this double bubble map. Students had to go back and reread the passage to find similarities and differences. 

Here is the other nonfiction passage about rabbits. As they read, students were instructed to underline things that they learned. For the smarties who said they knew everything about bunnies, they had to underline facts that they already knew. 

Then they did this graphic organizer, using information from the text. 

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