Earth Day Poetry

Yesterday we did our first Earth Day project. We wrote poems about Earth, glued them to a paper plate, and painted the paper plate. 

Here's both sides.

First, we brainstormed words that relate to Earth. We wrote these words in a big picture of the Earth. Some words include water, land, birds, animals, plants, rain, vegetables, wind, clouds, rocks, mountains, trees, flowers, etc. 
Then we thought of adjectives and action words to go with those words (blowing wind, tall trees, flowing clear water, furry animals, growing vegetables, fluffy clouds...)

We used the lines similar to a Cinquain poem: 
1 word
2 words
3 words
4 words
1 word 
but didn't follow all the rules of a Cinquain poem. Since this was our first poem, I wanted to leave it open. So, our first and last word was Earth. Then they got to fill in the other words, using our Earth words as a guide. 
They painted one side like Earth and the other side just blue. Then they glued their poems to the blue side. 

We're a Catholic School, so we added Oh God, Thank you for our Earth at the top. Then their poems are beneath.

I love this one but poor kiddo wanted to paint a heart on it, then smeared it.  It's still a favorite!

This activity really got kids thinking about describing words. They got really into it, and then felt like such great poets! (which they are!)

I'll be hanging these which a string so they can look like spinning Earths.