St. Patty's writing, crafts, and centers

Today is my sweet, sweet son's birthday! He is 3 years old today. To celebrate, I thought I'd put everything in my Teacher's Notebook store on sale.

Have I mentioned how much I love St. Patty's Day? Probably in another rambling post! :) Here are a few pictures I've taken so far. 

First, we brainstormed things we knew about leprechauns. Sorry for the fuzzy picture (I really need a new camera). 

Then we read this book:

which inspired us to write our own ideas for  how to catch a leprechaun. 

(two formats depending on your kiddos- one for transition words and the other for pictures)

I got these adorable leprechaun patterns from First Grade Fever. I modified it a bit because we had already done our How to Catch a Leprechaun (which is what is included in her pack). So instead we mixed it with one of our centers. Students wrote a  super sentence about a leprechaun and illustrated it. 

Here's  an example of the super sentence:

Here are a few other centers we worked on. These are from my March center menu and/or my St. Patty's Day Pack. 

Have a great day! More St. Patty's Day fun to come!


  1. Happy Birthday to your sweet boy!

    Looks like your class has been having a blast with those St. Patrick's Day activities. ;)