St. Patty's Day Literacy Pack: inferring, predicting, and 2 FREEBIES!

I made a mini St. Patty's day literacy pack to use with my students during the week of St. Patrick's Day. I love St. Patty's Day! 

(Personal side story: My oldest son was born minutes before St. Patty's Day. I remember I had planned on making leprechaun traps that day with my class, but when I started to have contractions the day before I ended up going in to make sure it was all ready for the sub. What a first day for the poor sub, going in and having to make leprechaun traps. Ha! I got things mostly ready, but had to go because this baby was coming! Don't you just love how I'm about to have a baby but I was of course thinking about getting these silly traps ready. It all worked out though. We said if he's born on St. Patty's Day we'd spell his name the Irish way, Sean, but if not we'd do Shawn. My doctor was sure he'd be a St. Patty's Day baby, but he had other plans.)

Anyway, back to the literacy pack! I got a little off track there. I like to make the whole week St. Patty's Day themed, so there are a few different things included in this pack:

  • Where's my Gold Inferencing center and/or worksheets 
    • There are worksheets where students read the leprechaun speech bubble and use clues to infer where his/her gold is hidden. 

    • or the "center" version (cut up the cards and match to the place where the gold is hidden)

Leprechaun hunt: 6 clue cards that lead to a "pot of gold"
(P.S. if any of these clues don't work for you, email me and I can make a replacement clue.)

...with a recording sheet

I'm planning on using this with some stuff from Reagan from Tunstall's Teaching Tidbits' s unit. She's got some cute stuff to make the hunt more magical (footprints, cute crafts, and centers too).

  • writing activities: 2 prompts-
    • If I caught a leprechaun, this is what I'd wish for... (two formats, shown below)
    • If I found a leprechaun's pot of gold, this is how I'd spend it... (two formats)

  • Shamrock graphic organizer to be used with a St. Patty's day book
  • Lenny the Leprechaun prediction page
  • Peter's Gold fluency page and character analysis (to be done as a whole class-it's a bit of a challenge)
  • 2 reading passages: Four leaf clovers and Leprechauns

You can get this 22 page pack for $2.00 at my Teacher's Notebook Store or on TPT.

There's also a not-so-mini St. Patty's Day literacy pack there as well. I took all the St. Patty's Day stuff from my March literacy menu and added it to this mini unit. So, if you already have my march literacy menu, the mini version is the one for you. If not, this is the 88 page version. Below are all the things from the March lit menu that are added in the larger pack. 

You can get this bigger St. Patty's literacy pack at my Teacher's Notebook Store or on TPT (it will be up by tomorrow. I'm having technical difficulties on TPT).

Magic e: Students read word cards and decide if it needs a silent e or not (to make a real word). 

Rainbow flip book: make a flip book for your students to mix and match to make real words

Shamrock Words: Use the words in the center of the shamrock to make real words by substituting in different vowels.

Sorting Station: Read each leprechaun word card and decide what sound the U makes. 
How to catch a leprechaun

Sentence or Not: read the sentence cards and decide if it's a complete sentence or not. 

Sentence Scramblers: 4 included (one is shown below)

Read, Think, Match

Read, Visualize Draw: I changed the format, so I decided to make it a freebie! You can get it here.

I've been having problems with blurriness when I try to "reduce the file size". Some pictures were fine and others were blurry. So annoying! I think I finally have a handle on it, but the file is big since I couldn't reduce it. If you have any tips, I'm all ears. :) 

As always, I'd love to hear your thoughts. 


  1. The mini unit looks great! And very reasonably priced! I might just have to buy it!

    Miss Kindergarten
    My Fabulous Finds

  2. Couldn't pass the pack up! Just bought it.
    Totally cute.
    I love St. Patrick's Day. It IS my birthday! :)
    Dragonflies in First

  3. Wow! You've been busy. Your unit looks like a lot of fun!

    Grade ONEderful

  4. Your unit looks great, Sarah!