Thursday, March 22, 2012

More St. Patty's Day Fun

Was I the only one who was a little bummed that we had no school on St. Patty's Day? Sure, if you don't have kids (or have a good babysitter willing to babysit on St. Patty's Day) then you were probably stoked about it falling on a Saturday. But not having school on the actual day sort of deflated some of the excitement. A little. It was still pretty fun though! When we got toy school on Monday, the leprechaun had turned our classroom around and left a trail of green glitter! He left us clues to find him though!

Students followed along with each clue and recorded their inferences on this sheet:

We also reviewed some comprehension skills using these reading passages.

Peter the leprechaun character analysis (students read the short story and chose words to describe Peter, then added evidence for those character traits).

Story map: identifying characters, setting, problem, solution of a leprechaun story

Predicting what would happen next in this short story:
Making inferences

Rereading text to find answers to questions about leprechauns and visualizing. 

We also wrote about what we would wish for if we caught a leprechaun.

 and practiced real vs. nonsense words.

If you are interested in these activities, click here.

Usually we make leprechaun traps too, but we ran out of time because we didn't have school on Friday either. :( What did you do for St. Patty's Day? Add links to your blog posts  if you have them. :)

And of course, my sweet Shawn's birthday on the 16th:

Train cake
Hooray! A train table!

Sharing with baby brother. :)