Fairy Tale Fun with freebies!

We just started our fairy tale unit this week. Of course all the boys started out saying, "yuck!" but they totally sit on the edge of their seat listening to the stories. Too funny! I try to choose the least "princessy" ones to begin with. :) Of course I totally started watching both Grimm and Once Upon a Time (both new shows on TV this year). Grimm is filmed here in Portland. (Can I get a Whoop, Whoop!) I love both shows and it's making my fairy tale unit much more interesting. :)

Anyway... I got totally off track there! I introduced the elements of a fairy tale and we made this castle chart to compare fairy tales. It's not the best picture, but hopefully you get the idea.

(Remember how I can't cut/draw a straight line? My poor first graders...) 

Here are the elements of a fairy tale cards that are hard to see in the castle picture.

My students even wanted to add some categories because they noticed more trends, like "there's always poor people" and "lots of stories have step mothers".

After doing our class chart, each student was given there own comparison chart to complete throughout the week during daily 5. They needed to read 3 fairy tales during the week to fill out the chart. I have collected a bunch of fairy tales over the years. :)


Here's a close up of the chart:

graphics © www.thistlegirldesigns.com

You can download it here.

I highly recommend these books through Scholastic:

We have a lot more fairy tale fun coming next week so check back!

I'm also working on a mini-unit to sell. It will be ready by tonight I hope!


  1. Thanks for sharing, I love it!! I am going to look into the Scholasatic books. BTW I am your newest follower.

  2. I love Once Upon a Time and Grimm. I really like Grimm. And maybe I am biased because it's in Oregon lol.

    Journey of a Substitute Teacher

  3. I just finished up my Fairytale unit and have had trouble figuring out how to display items. I just might have to "borrow" your castle idea. I was going to attempt Cinderella's carriage. WOAH!

    Also please stop on by my blog. I nominated you for 2 awards! (Obviously because you are amazing!)


  4. I love fairy tales! Your castle looks great! Love your ideas! Thanks for sharing!!

    Peace, Love, and First Grade

  5. What cuteness you have! Thanks for the freebies!

    Chickadee Jubilee

  6. Do you have the ISBN number for that box set of books? I tried to find it on scholastic and couldn't. Thanks! And thanks for all your wonderful ideas and freebies. My colleagues and I love your centers...especially because you give a full preview so we know exactly what we are getting.