April Literacy Menu and a freebie!

I updated my April Literacy Menu from last year and it is much improved! I've learned so much in a year, so it's definitely a step up. :)  Below is a quick preview:

The menu for your students:

Under the reading category:

  • Read, think, Match 
  • Rebuild a poem: original poem (about Easter) and a poem I found about spring (student sheet and pocket chart strips included)
  • Read, visualize, Draw: a pond scene
  • Read and Sequence: playing in the rain

clipart: thistlegirl designs and kpm doodles

Word Work:
  • THe Bossy R: sorting pictures as -ar, -or, -ir (picture cards and student sheet included)
  • ABC order: putting spring words in ABC order
  • "Egg"cellent words: matching eggs to make words 
  • Vowel teams: match the carrot to the bunny (ea, ai, or oa)

clipart:scrappindoodles and graphics factory and kpm doodles

  • Picture prompt:  an Easter style  and an Earth Day picture prompt
  • Roll and Write: dice with writing prompts and student sheet
  • POst office: 4 post office card prompts and two student sheet options
  • Sticker story: 2 student sheet options

clip art: kpm doodles and scrappindoodles

Sentence Building:
  • Sentence Scrambler: 4 sentence scramblers and student page
  • Sentence enders: sorting mats, sentence strips, and student sheet
  • Glue words (and, but, or, because): sentence strips, "glue words" and student sheet
  • Super sentence: sentence mat, word cards, and student sheet

You can get this pack at my Teacher's Notebook store or on TPT.

And a little freebie for you:

clip art by scrappindoodles

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