Using Quotation marks

Is it Thursday already? My spring break is almost over. It totally flew by! It's been really great having more time with my boys so I can't complain. Wouldn't it be weird to have a job where you didn't have a break every 3 months? I sometimes forget that everyone isn't on spring break.

Before I left for spring break I told myself that I would start focusing more on quotation marks with my kiddos. They are starting to experiment with them in their writing, which is pretty exciting. Although I do have a few kids who want to put quotation marks all over the place! I'm also trying to get them to pay attention to quotation marks while reading to help with their comprehension (following along with who is talking when.) I have a couple of activities in mind.

I've already done the preliminary like pointing out quotation marks during read alouds/guided reading and using them during shared writing. So they do have some background knowledge.

I was planning on doing a whole class activity using the pocket chart. I'm going to write a little paragraph on sentence strips and put it in my pocket chart. Then we'll read it together and add in the quotation marks. I'll take pictures when I do it because I'm not explaining it very well!

I also made this little worksheet. They read the sentences, decide who's talking and fill in the speech bubbles. I made two versions (one is just slightly longer than the other.)

clipart by thistlegirl designs and KPM doodles.

A lot of my students are wanting to read chapter books and several are ready, but I know it always gets confusing for them keeping track of who's talking. So I'm hoping to find/think of some good activities to help with that.

What do you do to teach quotation marks? I'd love to hear from you! :)

Additions to Fairy Tale Unit and a freebie

As the week went on and we were having some good ol' fairy tale fun, I kept coming up with more ideas. So, I added to my unit. If you already purchased, make sure you re-upload the unit. (Wait about 15 minutes so I can get it uploaded.)

While reading Jack and the Beanstalk, we started talking about whether or not Jack should've stolen the gold. We made a T chart and brainstormed ideas to why he should and shouldn't. So, I came home and created this:

clipart: scrappindoodles

I also made this silent e review center:


Students will place word cards on castle with silent e or without to make real words. 

2 versions of syllable sorts:

-This one has words to read and sort by syllable

clipart: scrappindoodles

-This one has picture cards. Students will count syllables then do best guess spelling.

clipart: thislegirl designs

Real or nonsense word sort

4 Sentence Scramblers


Noun sort

clipart: and scrappindoodles

More St. Patty's Day Fun

Was I the only one who was a little bummed that we had no school on St. Patty's Day? Sure, if you don't have kids (or have a good babysitter willing to babysit on St. Patty's Day) then you were probably stoked about it falling on a Saturday. But not having school on the actual day sort of deflated some of the excitement. A little. It was still pretty fun though! When we got toy school on Monday, the leprechaun had turned our classroom around and left a trail of green glitter! He left us clues to find him though!

Students followed along with each clue and recorded their inferences on this sheet:

We also reviewed some comprehension skills using these reading passages.

Peter the leprechaun character analysis (students read the short story and chose words to describe Peter, then added evidence for those character traits).

Story map: identifying characters, setting, problem, solution of a leprechaun story

Predicting what would happen next in this short story:
Making inferences

Rereading text to find answers to questions about leprechauns and visualizing. 

We also wrote about what we would wish for if we caught a leprechaun.

 and practiced real vs. nonsense words.

If you are interested in these activities, click here.

Usually we make leprechaun traps too, but we ran out of time because we didn't have school on Friday either. :( What did you do for St. Patty's Day? Add links to your blog posts  if you have them. :)

And of course, my sweet Shawn's birthday on the 16th:

Train cake
Hooray! A train table!

Sharing with baby brother. :)

More fairy tale fun!

Here's our bulletin board to go along with our fairy tale unit. The papers are "windows". Each student chose a fairy tale character.

They wrote 4 clues about their fairy tale character on the outside of the window (and curtains too). 

When you open the windows you find an illustration of that character(s).

Aren't those precious! I love kid drawings. :) If you want the "window", you can download it here. 

To see more fairy tale fun, look here and here.

Fairy Tale Literacy Pack

 I LOVE teaching fairy tales. I had too many ideas floating around in my head, so I put them together in this little pack.

Here's a preview of what's inside:

5 fairy tale character analysis and a blank one
graphics ©

2 copies of this sheet (one as shown and one with blank speech bubbles for students to write in)

Hansel and Gretel problem solution sheets

Read and Sequence: Jack and the Beanstalk 
T Chart: comparing 3 Little Pigs and The Three Little Wolves and the Big Bad Pig

graphics by scrappindoodles

2 Cause and effect 
clip art: and scrappindoodles

Here's My Side of the Story page: After reading The True Story of the Three Little Pigs, discuss possible excuses that the "bad" characters in other stories would have. Also a writing prompt attached.

Read, Visualize, Draw

Fill A Verb center: 12 sentence strips with matching verbs and student sheet.

Slide a Sentence (below is the outside of the slider, student sheet and 3 sliders)

clipart from thistlegirddesigns

3 Little Pigs Venn (and a blank venn and ideas for blank venn with book suggestions)

Cinderella T chart to compare versions of Cinderella (with book suggestions)

 3 fairy tale book report pages to use with any fairy tale

Flip a Fairy Tale writing prompt

2 graphic organizers

borders: kpmdoodles

If you did not buy my March menu, you may consider getting the pack which includes all of the above items and these additional items:

3 post office (writing letters to fairy tale characters giving them advice)

Read, Think, match (read descriptions and match to fairy tale character)
read and Sequence: Goldilocks

Mix a Fairy Tale: choose setting, good character and bad character cards to mix and write a fairy tale

You can get this pack (with everything shown) HERE.