Valentines Day Inference activity

There are two ways you could use this inference activity:

Option 1- Stations:
1.Place 4 bags around the room. Put students in four different groups (one group per bag).
2. Glue Valentine gift clues (below) to front of each bag as shown above. (One per bag)
3.Students will read the clues about the Valentine gift and make an inference about what the gift is inside the bag (based on the clues).
4.They will write it on the student sheet. Then they will rotate to the next bag.

5.Rotate 4 times until every group has made an inference about each bag.
6.Come back together and share inferences and then reveal what is in each bag.
Option 2- Four separate student worksheets
  With this option, students just read the clues and make an inference. They can do this at their desks at any time. It could be a center or just seat work. If I chose this option, I would use one to model how to do it. I would use the second for guided practice and then the last two for independent practice (or one for assessment) Example of one is below:

I just updated my Valentine Pack to include both of these activities (it originally only had the worksheets, but then I thought of the other idea today). You can buy the entire pack here.