100th Day (some old and some new) and a darlin' idea

I know a lot of you are well past your 100th day, but we just had ours last Friday. What a day! I don't have anything new to post since last year, but  I thought I'd repost a few ideas just in case you missed it. There are three activities posted that are free to download.

I've done this every year, but didn't post it last year for some reason. It's the classic Trail Mix sorting. Every student gets 10 of each item to sort, totally 100. Yum!

This year I also did Mrs. Browning's Mystery Bottle activity. My kids LOVED it! It was so much fun. I highly recommend it if you haven't purchased it yet. It's only $2! Here's the link to her darlin' site. 

Weekly Behavior sheet

I recently started using this weekly behavior sheet.

I send it home every Friday. I realized that I needed to be very specific about what behaviors I was seeing in class. These are the main ones that my students needed to work on. Parents really appreciate the communication and have a clear idea of how their child is in class. If there is an issue that arrises that is not on this sheet, I simply write a note on the back.

I also made a daily sheet for my students whose parents need daily communication. I have two students using a daily sheet this year because they are really working on improving their work traits and behavior. I usually add little notes on the back if I need to be more specific.

Valentine's Day fun

Valentine's Day was such a great day, but SO busy and SO SO crazy! The kids were bouncing off the wall. Below is a picture of Guess My Valentine. I put the kids in groups of 4. The bags were put all around the room and the kids rotated around the room reading the clues to make inferences about what was in the bags. 

When everyone was done, we all got together and peeked in the  bags. The kids loved this activity!

Valentines Day Freebie

I am so excited for Valentines Day! Valentine's Day is so fun in the classroom. I still get excited when passing out valentine cards. :) Tomorrow we have such a full day planned! I hope I get to everything I've planned. Ha! As a Valentines Day gift, I wanted to post a little freebie for you from my Valentines Day Literacy Pack. 

Hope everyone has a wonderful day! XOXO (that totally makes me think of Gossip Girl) :)

Valentines Day Inference activity

There are two ways you could use this inference activity:

Option 1- Stations:
1.Place 4 bags around the room. Put students in four different groups (one group per bag).
2. Glue Valentine gift clues (below) to front of each bag as shown above. (One per bag)
3.Students will read the clues about the Valentine gift and make an inference about what the gift is inside the bag (based on the clues).
4.They will write it on the student sheet. Then they will rotate to the next bag.

5.Rotate 4 times until every group has made an inference about each bag.
6.Come back together and share inferences and then reveal what is in each bag.
Option 2- Four separate student worksheets
  With this option, students just read the clues and make an inference. They can do this at their desks at any time. It could be a center or just seat work. If I chose this option, I would use one to model how to do it. I would use the second for guided practice and then the last two for independent practice (or one for assessment) Example of one is below:

I just updated my Valentine Pack to include both of these activities (it originally only had the worksheets, but then I thought of the other idea today). You can buy the entire pack here.