March Literacy Centers and a freebie!

I just finished updating my March literacy menu and posted it on Teacher's Notebook and TPT. In my classroom we study fairy tales in the month of March. So, my menu has some fairy tale stuff included in it. However, I know that not everyone studies fairy tales so I decided to make two different menu options: one with some fairy tale stuff and one without. So basically, you get more centers to choose from. My indecisive nature is to your benefit. :) Below are the two versions:

Scroll down to see how the menus are different. 

2 versions of Read, think, match

2 versions of Read and Sequence

Rebuild a Poem: student sheet and sentence strips

Magic e: Students read word cards and decide if it needs a silent e or not (to make a real word). 

Rainbow flip book: make a flip book for your students to mix and match to make real words

Shamrock Words: Use the words in the center of the shamrock to make real words by substituting in different vowels.

Sorting Station: Read each leprechaun word card and decide what sound the U makes. 

mix a fairy tale: choose a good character card, "bad" character card, and setting card to make a mixed up fairy tale.

My Pet: choose an animal card and write about that animal as a potential pet (prompt)

How to...  2 versions: How to catch a leprechaun or How to make a PB & J sandwich
(3 different formats included)

Super Sentence: Build a super sentence by using the color-coordinated word cards

The (describing word) (who or what) (did what) (when) (where)

Sentence or Not: read the sentence cards and decide if it's a complete sentence or not. 

Word Endings: -er or -est

Sentence Scramblers: 4 included (one is shown below)

Post Office: Prompts for writing to fairy tale characters, or just a plain page for your students to choose who to write to.

Plus 5 extra graphic organizers to use with buddy reading for early finishers.


  1. If I haven't told you already..these are great freebies! Thank you!
    First Grade Blue Skies

  2. Love it, love it, love it!!! You are awesome:)Thank you.

  3. Hi! Just stumbled across you blog! Love it...I will have to peruse more tomorrow but wanted to say I'm a new follower! Come check me out for some math ideas...and ps. Great name! :)

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