Snowy Centers: reading, writing and word work activities


My Snowy Centers is basically a combination of everything snowy related from my literacy menus (mostly January and February first grade). One of these days I'll add in the second grade stuff too. If you already own those menus, there's no need to get this. But if you just want some wintry centers for your room and don't own those menus, this is just the thing. It's packed! 

Here's what's in the 179 page Snowy Centers pack:

  • Read and Sequence (from January and February menu)
  • Read, Think, Match (January)
  • Read, Visualize, Draw (from January and February)

  • Reading comprehension: Snowy Day, Polar Bear, and Molly's Snow Day

  • 2 Make a Word (from January menu)
  • Snowy Sounds (January)
  • Slide a Word (February)
  • Short or Long (from January menu)
  • Contraction stack (December)

  • Build a Sentence (from January menu)
  • Fill a Verb (from February)
  • Sentence Scrambler (from January)
  • Match a Sentence (extra)
  • Sentence Enders (question or statement): from February

  • Snowy Inferences pages (extra)
  • Snowy Words: real or nonsense (extra)

  •  Describe a picture (from February menu)
  • Sentence writing (extra)
  • Describe a snow globe (from January)
  • Be an Author (from January menu)
  • Story Starter (January)
  • How to Build a Snowman (February)

  • Rebuild a Poem (January and February)

Click on the buttons to get this pack:


If you have already purchased the January and February literacy menus, then email me and I will send you the new extras for free (listed above), so you won't need to buy this whole package for only a few activities. Remember, only consider this package if you aren't planning on  getting the monthly literacy menus (because most of these activities are from those menus). 


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  2. What is your email address? I have purchased both December and January literacy centers. I wasnot able to purchase February. Will you be reposting that for purchase? I woul love to get the extas from this. Really love your stuff:).

  3. I'm so glad you like my stuff! :) I just reposted the February menu. I had to fix a few things. :) Here is my email address:

  4. Wow Sarah, this is GREAT! I bought it and I am printing right now. Thanks.

  5. First time buyer! Great stuff! How does your menu work?

  6. Thanks!
    Here's the link to a more thorough explanation:
    Scroll down to the bottom to download a file that explains it all. Thanks for your comments:)

  7. Thank you for posting a a better idea of what is in your packet. So often I don't buy anything from TpT because I don't want to spend money on something that I can barely see and only 2-3 pages of something that is 100 pages long. Thank you! You have great ideas and put a lot of effort into all you do.

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